Family 2013

Family 2013

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Open Wide

Sam visited the dentist for the first time. This was another fun event Dan got to experience with us on his week off for "daddy leave". All I can say is that I was so pleased with how Sam did at the appointment. Once the appointment was booked we started talking to Sam about it, and of course he had some questions. What is a dentist? What will he do? Why? So he knew that when he got there that the dentist would count his teeth and clean then. It probably helped that Dan and I bribed (I guess you can call it that) him. We told him that if he did a good job we would go to the store and buy him a toothbrush with a button on it (battery operated). He was psyched!

Taking it all in.
Open wide. Sam had no complaints.

Counting the teeth.

Sam is now the owner of his first toothbrush with a button on it - Iron Man and he also got Spider Man toothpaste.

What a GREAT kid!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

It is time for Peter Cottontail ... Boy did that raise a load of questions in our house. Who is Peter Cottontail? Why? And the line of questioning went on for a good 1/2 hour. Some questions were even repeated at nauseum. But we love them and try to answer them all.

Sam is still very afraid of the Easter Bunny. When my parents were in town, we all went to the arcade in the mall - this happened to be the day that the Easter Bunny arrived too. My mom and I left my dad and Sam at the arcade so we could run into a few stores. When Pap and Sam came looking for us, Sam was pale white and shaking (totally exaggerating, but very nervous) and clutching onto his Pap. We had no idea why, until we all walked passed the Easter Bunny photo station ... it clicked. This little guy just about came unglued. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Dan and I took him when he was one and somewhat forced him onto the Easter Bunny - Are we bad parents?

Our very own Easter Bunny - Sammy Light
First "new" family photo

This little girl is very lucky to have Sam as a big brother. He is already so proud to be her big brother, I think he will always look after her and protect her.

So for the last couple of years Dan has dressed up like the Easter Bunny, he hides easter eggs in the yard for all the kids in the neighborhood. Even though Sam watched his daddy put on part of the costume, he was still very much afraid of him when he was all suited up. He was terrified that the Easter Bunny was in his house. See the picture above, he would not leave my side and when Dan came into the room to take a picture Sam couldn't even look at him.

Waiting for the Easter Bunny.

There he is.

The hunt is on. Sam got smart, he would shake the egg before he put it in his basket. Some were filled with stickers, he caught on fast. He was interested in the candy eggs and the ones filled with tokens for the arcade. I wasn't sure how to handle that one. He did get a few stickers though.

Alison does look a little uncomfortable. It looks like she is telling us all what she thinks about Easter, but look closer and it is the finger she will wear a ring on some day - a really long time from now.

Eggs. eggs everywhere.

Zach and Abe can't wait to get home to check out their eggs.


What you talking about.

Taking a bike ride after the Egg Hunt. Trying to have Sam burn off some of that candy.

Mr. Safety. He always wears his helmet and wants to be sure all his friends are safe too by wearing their helmets.

Steven and Lily stopped by after church.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

happy birthday daddy

Dan spent his 35th birthday on "daddy leave" from work. It was an eventful day. We dropped Sam off at school and then we were off ... first stop, Alison's eye doctor appointment. Apparently she has a really really (Sam would say woody woody) small, I mean tiny cataract on her right eye, so the pediatrician wanted us to see a specialist. Then we went to her first doctors appointment. Dan and I did get a chance to grab lunch together for his birthday - Five Guys (burgers and fries), we ate in the truck while I nursed Alison. All and all a pretty nice day. It is always nice to spend the day together.

Brownies to celebrate the big day.
These kids have the best daddy in the world. We are all so happy he was born 35 years ago.

Happy Birthday to the best daddy ever!

We love you.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home with our new baby girl

I was so excited to get home ... I just can't wait to get into a routine. I am anxious to see how things are going to be with our growing family. Alison sure is lucky to have such a good big brother.

Ali is already the coolest sister ever. She got her big brother a chain saw when she came home from the hospital. Sam has not put the saw down since he got it.
Dahma and Sam hanging out in S and D clubhouse (Sam and Dahma clubhouse) ... just cutting some wood.

My little cutie is such a big boy now.

Sam and Daddy compare chainsaws.

Oh my goodness ... can he get any cuter.

Note: This kid is wearing his bike helmet for safety.

Crazy hair ... that is what a $5 hair cut looks like.

Ali just hanging out at home.

So alert! Look at those bright BIG blue eyes.

This picture is for Pap. Pap worked with Sis for the first week of her life to find her thumb. Look Pap, she did it.

Sam is actually napping in this tunnel made by Pap. I can't believe Pap got him to take a nap there - Sam slept for 1 1/2 hours here. Pap is brilliant!

Ali started on the shoulder.

Ali enjoys here time with Dahma too.

3 ladies - 3 generations

Dahma and Pap with their grandkids.

Proud Pap

Looks like Pap could use some sleep too.

Changing another diaper - Pap gave Alison her first nickname "POOPS" this girl is a pooper.

So sweet.

My sweet little girl. I still can't believe I have a daughter.

Me and my kids. I have been BLESSED!