Family 2013

Family 2013

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What do you love the most about being a mom?

It is funny, I have been a mom for 8 months now and I have never thought about what I love the most about it. When we were home for Christmas in AZ, my friend Paula asked, "What do you love the most about being a mom?" I was taken back and speechless when it came to answering the question. There are so many things I love about it, so many that I can't even put them into words. So after a while of thinking it over, I guess it comes down to one thing. Each day I wake up and I get to see Sams sweet, innocent, precious little face. He has brought so much joy to my life and every night I go to bed I can't wait to wake up the next day to see my little guy and witness all the things he will do and discover. Being a mom has been life changing in a way I couldn't even begin to understand before I became a mom.

This is what I love the most - need I say more.

Sam feels SNOW on New Years Eve

Apparently when we were in Sunny AZ for Christmas, the Boston area got hit with a ton of snow, we were told that our area got 20+ inches - not sorry I missed that!!! Anyway, we got hit again today, it has been snowing all day long - when all is said and done, I think this storm will have an accumulation of about 8 inches. Anyway, my point is, this is the first snow we have actually taken Sam out into ... he has seen snow from the window, but this is the first time he has actually been outside. We don't really have anything snow resistant that he can wear, so it makes it hard to just plop him down in it. I am sure there will be more storms and more snow - maybe we will let him play in it next time.
We are on our way over to the neighbors to celebrate the New Year ... it is so nice to have friends that live right across the street. Our neighbors have 3 boys, their youngest Robbie is a couple of weeks younger than Sam.

Sam and Robbie ready to party down on New Years Eve
The boys didn't make it to ring in the New Year - maybe next year
We had such a nice time hanging out at the Frucci's house. We were so involved in conversation that we almost missed the New Year come in - Thanks to Diana who caught it just minutes away. She is such a great host, she had the champagne ready to go. Happy New Year.

Monday, December 29, 2008

All I want for Christmas is my two front bottom teeth

The day we flew out to Arizona (12/18/08) the little white buds on the lower 1/2 of Sam's mouth broke through. Our little boy flew for the first time and got his two bottom teeth on the same day. He was a saint, he had no problems flying. I went into the situation totally prepared, I packed his carry on bag with baby oragel (of course) and baby Tylenol, for the teeth. As far as his ears popping during flight I had pacifiers, a bottle for water, a sippie cup, puffs to chew on, etc ... he ended up nursing at take off and landing and no issues. The bag that I lugged with us and fully loaded for any unexpected event and our little guy was an angel - no crying, whining, fussing. He was Mr. Social butterfly and curious about everything that was going on. He continues to make his parents proud. Thank you Sam!!

Arizona Christmas

We just got back from our Arizona Christmas. Sam spent his "first" Christmas with his Grandma and Pap. We had such a nice time. It was nice to have my parents around to love all over and babysit Sam. Dan and I were able to get out to dinner and a movie a few times (Four Christmas' & Marley and Me), we even made to a Phoenix Suns game (one of our favorite things to do). My mom had an "Open House" for Sam, it was nice to show off our little guy and see people I haven't seen in a long time. It was nice to have Christmas "McGraw" style, we laid around the house, ate, watched Sam open presents, ate some more, watched Sam open more presents ... nice and relaxing. Before we knew it it was time to leave - our visit flew by. Take a look at some of the pictures - They tell the story best.

I love riding on airplanes - mom packed cool toys to keep me busy.
Taking a break with dad - nothing like a good book and drink of H2O
I crack myself up.
Mom and Dad get a date night - GO SUNS!!!
Practicing Christmas photo poses
Gosh, it's warm here and I love nakie time
Hanging with Pap!
Grandmas sweet boy!
Sam and Pap wait for the guest to arrive
Sam's latest girlfriend - Emily ... looks like Mom approves
Crazy Sam, enjoying all of his new friends ... he is quite the entertainer!
King of the House!
Visit with Santa at Metrocenter Mall
Stttretch - this will be so much easier when I can crawl (anyday now)
Busy little boy gets tired and takes a nap with Grandma
Go BROWNS!!! Pap is already trying to get Sam on his side.
Hanging with Paula - she's pretty cool!
Say Cheese on Christmas eve
Sam is worried that if he doesn't get to bed soon, Santa may pass up Grandma and Pap's house.
Our little "Christmas Cutie"
Sam gets to meet Ken
Singing Christmas carols or just reading a good book?
Not sure what Sam liked most, all the gifts or the wrapping paper?
My day ROCKS!!!
Little preppie guy dancing with his Grandma
Taking in a swing and Cortez Park
I think I like it?
Family photo opp and the Park
Look at those thighs - He is making his uncle proud!
Taking a bath at Grandma's and Pap - they have the coolest tub toys
Bye Grandma and Pap - I can't wait to see you again ... VERY SOON!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lunch with Aunt Jen and Asher

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving (11/26) Jen and I took the boys into Boston for the afternoon. It was Sam's first time on the T (Subway in Boston). He did a great job. I think I was more excited about it than Sam was. Jen and I got lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (yummy) and fed the boys. I thought Sam might be ready to move to 3 solid food meals a day, so I fed him lunch at the restaurant - he did fine for an hour or so and then as we were shopping he spit up ... needless to say Sam is back to just breakfast and dinner at this point. We had a nice time together. The boys are starting to notice each other now, it is fun to see them together.
Riding the T with cousin Asher!
The boys are ready to get there grub on.
Sam is super excited about being in a big boy chair and ready to eat.
Asher is wore out from all the fun he had with his cousin Sam.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Don't ever forget this moment

For all the mom's out there ... I am always hearing enjoy this time while they are little it goes by so fast. I want to freeze time. I spend the time I am nursing Sam chanting to myself "don't forget this moment"- it's hard to believe that his tiny newborn baby days are ancient history - he has been so wonderful and is everything I could have every dreamed of. I never thought that someone so little could effect me this way. I thank God for him every single day.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Look out World - Here comes Sam!!!

Sam is scooting all over the place. Between scooting, rolling, dancing, pivoting and dragging Sam gets to where he wants to go - still no crawling though. Daycare sends home a sheet each day with Sam and they write a note about something Sam has done ... and typically it is something along the lines of Sam telling stories, Sam laughing, happy Sam ... you get the point. Well this week each day had something about him getting around the room, one day he tried to pull himself up on the toy shelves - one thing at a time son, lets work on the crawling before the standing/walking. This little guy is a busy body, he goes a mile a minute with the legs, hands and mouth. He is also doing the grunting thing where he grunts at the time he kicks his legs and arms down and has a very serious (I mean business) face. He is so sticking adorable and such a BOY.
Sam hanging with his daddy ... he loves being on Dan's shoulders.
The boys are ready for the "Taco Soup" party (11/15).
What did I tell you - doesn't he look like he is up to something.

When we give Sam his daily vitamin he always seems to get it on his face and it looks like a mustache. Sam is such a good little eater ... the only thing he is not thrilled about is peas (I don't blame him - I hate peas). He is eating banana, avocado, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, peaches, pears, prunes (fun times) and he is trying carrots next.