Family 2013

Family 2013

Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm dreaming of a White "Cape" Christmas ...

We spent this Christmas with the Light family on the Cape. Greg, Kathrin and the kids came from Philly too. We had a great holiday with the family.
Christmas Family photo 2009
This was like the 14th of 31 pictures we took in this exact position, attempting to get the perfect shot. Thank goodness for digital cameras. Sam put on the charm during the photo session. I can't believe how hard it is to get all three of us looking at the same camera, and keeping our eyes open at the same time. Hard stuff!!!
Dan, Sam and I went to church on Christmas eve. There is a great Baptist church we go to in Brewster. Great service. Sam and Asher hanging out before dinner is served.
Aunt Jen is entertaining the kids before the presents get torn into.
Sam and Max wait patiently?
Next year, Asher will be a big brother.
A picture is worth a thousand words ... what was on my mind? We were opening up our stockings. Who knows. All I can say is, that looks a lot like Joy McGraw. Funny how that happens :) I love you mom.
Lots of goodies in our stockings.
A very cute, farely new thing Sam has been doing lately is cheesing it up for the camera, when he sees a camera pop out he starts saying "chz" over and over again, looks like he got caught in the act.
Crazy boys!
Greg and Max tearing into the Christmas presents.
Emma presents a special gift to her mom (Kathrin).
Mass chaos this year. Presents everywhere. Being the control freak of mom that I am, I made Sam put his toys in a box right after he opened them. This part of the day went way to fast.
Daddy's turn to open some presents.
Uncle Jeff and the boys. Sam really does have a thing for both of his uncles.
Note to self: Next year wrap up boxes of styrofoam. Biggest bag for my buck. Sam loved making a mess after all the presents were open. I hate to say it, but he had more fun playing with a box of styrofoam than he did with any of his real presents.
Uh-oh ... I've made a mess and I am too little to have to clean it up. What are moms for anyway?
Seriously, is someone going to come clean up this mess. In case you didn't know it, Sam has a small issue with messes already. He likes to make them, but when he is done he wants it cleaned up immediately.
Quiet time with Papa.
Time to sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus. Sam was excited for the impromptu party we had for afternoon snack.

Craft time, the kids played with PlayDoh while dinner was being made. Sam went home with a modge podge of multi colored PlayDoh. Pretty colors.

The day after Christmas we celebrated Asher's 2nd birthday. More presents.
Asher is getting good at ripping open the presents.
After breakfast, everybody headed out to build a snowman.
Building a real life "frosty"
Uncle Jeff helps Sammy give Frosty a carrot nose.
Great Job. The moms headed out for mani's and pedi's.
Asher and Sam hanging out with their new friend "Frosty"
Taking a break, after all that hard work building a snowman.
What does Frosty need a nose for, Sam eats the carrot.

Packing up the car, it's time to go back home.
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful ...

I can already tell, this winter is going to be an adventure. Get ready!
Hanging out in my snow boots, just waiting for someone to get the hint.
It's hard for people to take me seriously about going outside, when I look so cute in nothing.
Picking out the tree at Rockland Nursery. Dan and Sam go over the game plan.
Sam trys to convince his Dad that he has found "the tree"
Done deal. This kid got his way!
After we got the tree on Saturday, we celebrated winter with a romp in the snow. Sam still isn't quite sure about the snow, he is still figuring it out. It usually takes a few snow balls and he is ready to come in (I think it is because he can no longer feel his fingers), we are working on keeping the gloves on.

The next day, Dan and I decorated the tree. New routine, do it while Sam is sleeping and then he may not be interested in the pretty ornaments. Breakables at the top, kid friendly at the bottom.
Starting to feel the cabin fever kick in. We have started to dress up Sam for our own entertainment. He does put on quite the show. It's funny to hear him crack himself up.
Wearing mommy's swim goggles.
We got a pretty good storm last week and Grandma and Papa were up for a visit. Grandma helps Sam get into his snow suit for the first time. He looked like a big red marsh mellow.
Anybody seen "The Christmas Story"
Ultra close up of the rosy cheeks.
Later that day, Sam got a box from his Grandma and Pap in the mail. Grandma got him an apron so that he can wear it when he helps mommy bake cookies. He wasn't too happy about it at first, but he got upset when I tried to take it off him before he went to bed.