Family 2013

Family 2013

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cape Cod Christmas

Christmas time was a lot of fun this year. It is so exciting to see Sam excited. He is really starting to understand Christmas. This is the 2nd year he set up his Nativity Set, we talk about how this is the time to celebrate Jesus's birthday, he knows that Mary and Joseph is Baby Jesus's mommy and daddy. He had a lot of fun playing with his own set this year, he always made sure that Baby Jesus was fed and had a clean diaper - Great Prep Work for the New Baby! We also introduced "The Elf on the Shelf," Sam named him "GG" not sure where he got it from. He had a great time looking for GG each morning before we went to school. It is also a great tool for parents, we reminded Sam each night at dinner that GG was watching over him so he could report back to Santa ... so he better eat all of his dinner - sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. He still is not too sure about Santa, he talks about him all the time, but still wants nothing to do with sitting on his lap - Maybe next year.

We spent Christmas weekend on the Cape with Dan's family this year. We will celebrate the holidays with my parents in Arizona in January. The Cape had a nice size snow storm a few days before Christmas, so we were hoping there would still be some snow on the ground to play in. Sam was very excited to make another snowman with Grandpa. But, when we arrived there wasn't any snow in sight Bummer!Once we all arrived, the boys helped make brownies for Santa and the Baby Jesus Birthday Cake.
Grandma and Grandpa play with Baby Bohdi.
He is such a happy little boy.
Grandma snuggles with Asher.
The boys get excited to see all the presents under the tree.
The 3 of us went to Christmas Eve services at a wonderful Baptist church in Brewster. We love this church and wish it was closer to home so we could go every week. Sam tells Grandpa that there are lots of presents under the tree.
Later that night, the boys help get Santa's plate ready ... brownies for Santa and carrots for the Reindeer.
Of course, the little ones had to taste test before hand.
Aunt Jen and Asher
Waiting patiently for everyone to get out of bed ... who's ready to start opening up presents.
Luke get the ball rolling. He is a pro at opening gifts.
Sam gets a guitar from the Meyers Light clan. He LOVES it.
Sam and Asher play with Asher's new tool set. Are we sharing boys?Happy Bohdi. This little guy is so fun to be around...he is ALWAYS in such a good mood.
Dan enjoys some time with his nephew.
The boys ROCK OUT! Asher shows Sam the ropes.

Uncle Jeff and Cousin Bohdi

Monday, December 20, 2010

Parties, Parties Everywhere

One of the things I love about the holiday season is all the cards you get from your family and friends everywhere. For some people in our lives it is the one time a year we get to catch up and see how they have changed over the last year. Sam really got into it this year too, he was just as excited as I was to get the mail each day to see what cards we received from our family and friends. This little boy could tell you who is on each card - so many friends!
The Sennetts had a St. Nick party again this year and hosted the cul-de-sac. It was nice to see everyone and catch up. We don't see each other as much in the colder months. Cabin Fever!
The latest additions to our little neighborhood - Lilly and Stephen.
Santa Andy brought Sam a Monkey Play-doh set.
Santa Andy passed out gifts to all the good boys and girls.

Sam was a little spooked by Santa Andy this year. When he walked in he jumped into the first lap he could find ... Andy the drummer!
I snuck up on Sam to get this picture. This little boy is into the Christmas trees this year.
The next weekend, Asher had his 3rd birthday party.
Sam shows cousin Bohdi a thing or two about trains.
Asher was excited to get a Roundhouse from Grandma Light for his birthday.
Rami Salami the clown provided entertainment for the kiddos at the party. Sam wasn't too sure about him at the party.
Dad went up to see Rami Salami with hopes that Sam might follow - not so much! Dad walked away with a super cool balloon hat though. Come to find out later. Sam was NOT afraid of Rami he was afraid of the balloons. Who would have known. The boy talked about Rami Salami for the whole next week.

Asher gets a pretty cool hat too. Happy Birthday Asher!

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Winter is starting to settle in ... the thing I love the best about winter is the Holidays and gatherings with family and friends. But once January is over, I am DONE with winter. Bring on the Spring - I need the warmth and pretty flowers.

We put the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Here is a shot of me at 25 weeks.

A nice family photo. I am starting to feel really large.

Sam enjoyed putting ornaments on the tree this year. He would take them off just so could put it back on in a different spot - not to far from it's original home.

We finally got around to renting a log splitter. Dan and Steve along with some help from the little boys, split wood all day on Saturday. We now have 3 big beautiful piles of wood to burn, some of it won't be good until next year.
Sam got a special treat from Mommy on Wednesday - a blue DUM DUM. He was so fascinated that his tongue turned blue. He spent most of the morning in front of the mirror seeing if it was still blue.

A little out of order ... but here is Sam picking out a Christmas tree at the tree farm. This one was just his size.