Family 2013

Family 2013

Monday, November 30, 2009

Have you seen our house?

Here are some recent pictures of the house. Dan and his dad have spent some time this fall working on re-shingling the house - at least the side and the back. They are hard workers. At this point we are just planning on putting ceder siding on the entire back of the house and the sides, and keep the clapboard gray on the front. Anyway, here are some recent photos. We still have lots of fun projects in our future. Thank you Don for always being gung ho to help out!

It is really crazy all the work we have done to the house since we moving in "Spring 2008.' I would love to put together a post that shows some before and after shots. Maybe I will work on that after the new year.

Here is our nice wood pile from this summer ( ) that hasn't made it's way inside the house yet.
You can see the side of the house that has the new cedar siding and the new windows. We finally have replaced all of the windows on the first floor of the house. Efficiency at its best.

Here is the side of the house, I actually think this is the first picture we have ever taken of this side of the house. We will be putting cedar shingles here next spring.
The 'glorious' pool. I swore up and down this summer that we would not live another summer with NO pool. Well folks it looks like it is going to be another hot summer. I dream of the day we will all dive in to get away from the heat. Not the Summer 2010 though.
The back of the house - Almost there!

Sideyard looking out into the cul-de-sac.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bowling - Thank goodness for Candle Pin

Sam discovered bowling. Gosh, it has been so long since I have been bowling. I can remember the Friday nights in high school, going to the bowling alley for 'Rock-n-Bowl, we had so much fun. I have been introduced to 'candle pin' bowling, I guess that is popular in this part of the country. Never heard of it! Anyway, it was perfect for Sam and his buddies. The ball is smaller. Check out the little guys. They had a great time. It was something new for Sam and it kept his attention for 30 minutes.
The boys get a pep talk before the game begins.
Super Psyched Sam!
Sam gets his first lesson from his buddy Zack.
Abe and Lisa look on as the others are warming up.
'Watch your fingers buddy' Sam gets a gentle warning from Dad.
I am not what was more fun ... rolling the ball down the lane -or- waiting for it to come back through the return.
That nifty little aluminum looking thingy really helped line up the balls for the boys. I am not sure if normal candle pin has bumpers or not, but that helped out too.
I don't ever want to know where those fingers have been. Remember we are in a bowling alley.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Visit from Grandma in November

What a great way to start a post. Isn't he just too cute! We were on our way to the pool at the Y and he was hanging out around the house with no shirt on and his OSU (Go Bucks!) hat on.

So we were blessed with a visit from my mom. She took a red eye flight from Phoenix and when we picked her up early Wednesday morning she was a women with a plan. We started off with a visit to Dan's work and then we were off to the New England Aquarium.
Sam got a chance to check out where his dad works.
Checking out the high quality product that Pangea Shellfish ( has to offer.
Before we headed off to the Aquarium we needed to re-fuel our systems. I asked my mom what she wanted to eat for lunch and she said "is there a good Mexican food place around here?" Let me remind you all that she just got off of a plane from Arizona. She is cool like that though - I think she was thinking of me and my absolute favorite food in the whole wide world is Mexican and we actually found a really great place.
Sam and Grandma had a great time dancing around at Quincy Market.
This kid is a flirt, even if it is with his Grandma.
Checking out the sea lions at the Aquarium. It is one of the cooler things to do at the Aquarium and its free to the general public.
Checking out all the BIIIIGGG FSSSSS.
Sam really got relaxed and checked out the fish. This was his second time to the NE Aquarium.
Here comes the shark!
Up close and personal with the Harbor Seal.
Messin around.
These two have a blast with each other! I don't know who gets more excited to see the other.
Sam plays with Abe and Zack.
Sam has become more aware of Luke these days. He trys to jump on him and ride him like a pony.
Or tackles him.
Break down, can Grandma fix it?
Cookie Time! Sam got more frosting on him then on the cookies. We kept this cookies for the family (in case any of you were wondering). The frosting spoon spent more time in Sam's mouth than scooping out frosting.

He is a good boy when it comes to clean up too. He sees the project through till the end (most of the time.)
Later that night we took a bath and realized it was the night before his first hair cut, so we wanted to document how long his hair actually was. If it weren't for the curls, he would have had it cut a long time ago.
Sam pee pee'd in his potty for the first time when Grandma was here, so she went out and bought him big boy underwear.
I think he'd rather be naked.
Morning before the haircut! Can you see the resemblance?
Last picture before the cut! He is waiting patiently for his turn. November 15th, 2009 Sams first haircut. I had a harder time then him. He looks like a different kid. It was so sad to see him transform from a baby to a kid. I cried.
The lady a the Snip Its acting like she'd never cut a little kids hair before, it was kind of annoying. I ended up holding the little guy.
Full on entertainment to get his mind off of the haircut!

Not so bad.
At the end Sam got a toy from the big machine. And he left a new kid!
Waiting for his celebratory McDonalds Ice Cream.
What a big kid.
Big kid eating a big banana.
The day after the haircut, my mom and I took Sam to get his 18 months pictures at Sears.
He'd rather be cleaning the house that sitting in a waiting room at Sears for pictures. Me too, in a way. They really aren't speedy in the photo department.
Still waiting!
More waiting, so he is taking it out on Elmo and Cookie.
While we were gone Dan started looking at the directions for the train table Grandma and Pap bought Sam for Christmas, and during Sam's nap Dan put it together. Nice Job Dan!
And this is what he woke up to. Sam loved it. It was kind of sad to see all the work that went into putting it together, just to see Sam level it after 30 minutes. Bless Dan's heart, each night after Sam goes to bed, he puts it back together again. I wonder how long that will last?

Choo Choo!

What a great gift - Thank you Pap and Grandma!
As always we had a great visit with my mom, we wish Pap could make it - maybe next time. It was sad to see her go, but we will visit Arizona in January.