Family 2013

Family 2013

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Navyween

What a day ... Halloween on a Saturday!!! All I can say is PARTY! As you will see the day was filled from the minute we woke up. For the most part everyone was happy at all times. This post is a bit confusing, I pride myself on organization and this blog post is all over the place, due to the fact we were working with two cameras ... anyway enjoy, I will tell the story along the way. I couldn't think of a better costume for Sam. Our little neighborhood clan had conversations early on about Halloween parties, costumes and such because of the holiday falling on a Saturday. I am not sure that we ever did decide on a theme, but we did toss out Super Heros and that is where the idea was born - Sam was going to dress up like his Uncle Jay. T. (our HERO).
And boy did he ham it up!

Our two little Super Boys - Zack and Abe
Kim threw a party for the kids. It was so much fun, we played, had lunch and made masks. Thanks for the party Kim - we had fun!
There were monkeys - cute little Robbie.
Cowboy Colin - that is what he said he was, I am not sure I understood though.
Random cuteness!!!
Is that a drunk sailor?
Taking it all in?
The Booker family all dressed up as the Star Wars clan and this is Liam as Chewbaca.
Big Brother Jackson as R2D2
Sam and Abe at the end of the night - they shared a ride for the trick or treat festivities.
Cheers! If he raises his glass you better be ready for a Chaas (cheers).
So we were not planning on Sam actually going up to the doors trick or treating ... and as soon as all the other kids took off, he was right behind them. Needless to say, we were not prepared. Thanks for Kim and Mike being prepared they had an extra Elmo bucket, so Sam used it!
After the first house (you will see in a few) he took the candy out of the bucket and carried it for a while.
Sam started off the festivities in his own wagon, and once he spotted Abe he decided it would be more fun to ride with him.
Sam leaving the first house he trick or treated at - EVER! Check out all his pals waiting for him at the bottom of the hill.
TT (trick or treat) he was so cute! Do you notice the basketball? He carried it around with him all evening - he eventually forgot about it.
I think it is so funny that people asked Dan and I what was up with our shirts. They still didn't get it when we told them it was our costume. Get it ... Sam dressed up as a Sailor. Duh!!!
The Gang heading out for some trick or treat fun - after the Frucci's feed us all. Thanks Jay and Diana, it was tasty!
The Sailor family.
It's funny, now that we have Sam there aren't alot of pictures of just the two of us.
We dressed up as a Mom and Dad.
The Booker Family - Star Wars
Mike the T Bus Driver and Misha the Pirate ... Misha was a dragon at the earlier party.
Don't look so worried buddy ... it was the perfect night for Halloween, I think it was in the high 60's all evening but it was super windy so his Navy hat wouldn't stay on.
Michelle and Andy ... believe it or not, Michelle started the evening thinking she would dress up as an angel ... that backfired! Michelle you look so scary! Great costume.
Getting ready to go to the next party! Bring on the FUN!
OK - this post is a little backwards ... all the pictures below are the day before Halloween and some of the morning of Halloween ... we had a few camera going for a day. My brother bought us a new camera and it is totally AWESOME, we got it yesterday - so some of the pictures are on the new and VERY improved camera - Thank you Bub!
No, this is not his costume - it is a great face though! I think he probably wanted me to pick him up and all I wanted to do is get a picture of him before he went to school in his cool pumpkin shirt.
Making a special "Halloween mud pie" at school.
What a sweetie!
I picked up Sam early from school yesterday, so Ms. Jenna packed up his afternoon snack so he could take it with him - two munchkins from Dunkin Donuts. I took Sam to get his Halloween pictures/ 18 month pictures taken at Sears ... and yes the munchkins are in the pictures.
Notice the Munchkin - yes, it also made it to Sears and its way into the pictures.
After the photo shoot, we went home to play outside on a nice evening. He always stands near this puddle and threatens to jump in - he never does.
Peeenn Peeenn (airplane), he is very aware inside or out when an airplane is flying over.
Sam loves CASH, he got a Halloween card from his Grandma and Pap! He was very interested in the money this time, and he carries around the card. He also got a card with money from his Great Grandma earlier this week. He keeps filling his piggy bank! Thank you!
Saturday morning (Halloween) was business as usual at the Light house, which means a big breakfast and swim class. Before class Sam and Dan hung the bird feeder Sam made at school(pine cone rolled in peanut butter with birdseed - I know you have all made one) outside the dinner room window so Sam could watch the birds.

After swim class Sam played in his sandbox, I think this kid will try to get into the sandbox in the middle of dead winter. I think we may put it away.
I just love the curls! I hope he won't lose them when he gets his first haircut.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy One and Half Sam

So my little guy is One and Half today ... gosh he is growing up so fast. He goes to the doctor for his check up next week, so we will update the stats in a later post. He is getting so big!
BaaaarBaaaar (fruit bar) is the breakfast of Champions this day - who am I kidding this kid would eat a fruit bar for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We started his day off right!
So we though 18 months was a great time to try the cake this again, if you remember, when he turned ONE he was afraid of this cake. That is no longer the case.

Happy Birthday Sam!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Head of the Charles and The Childrens Museum

So we dug out our old camera to take with us on some of our latest adventures ... what a process. This camera can't be downloaded to the computer (at least I do not have the patience to figure it out). So I had to go to CVS and have the disk downloaded onto a CD and then downloaded to our PC at home - what a process! Anyway, we have had some good fall fun! I love this time of year, but I hate it to. I think New England is probably one of the most beautiful places to be this time of year, all of the vibrant colors and the crisp air! Then again, I hate that after this wonderful season comes the dreaded winter, which in my opinion is fun until January and then it stinks. So sit back and check out some of our "fall adventures" all the pictures are below are from a visit on the Charles River for the "Regatta" and then off to the Boston Children's Museum the next day.
What a great weekend!
Are you ready for some fun?
Watching the boats with Mom. Sam was so excited to see the boats. Kicking back with a piece of cheese, watching the race! Life is good!
The boys making there way through the crowds - there were 1000's of people there.

Looks like this kid could use some ice cream!
My favorite 4 letter word - FREE. Turkey Hill was giving away free ice cream. Sam and I shared.

What a great view.
Next day, we headed into town to the Boston Children's Museum, Sam had a blast.

So you can totally tell we were "new" the scene. Apparently the "bubble" room is a great room to check out right before you leave the museum. This is where we started. Sam was a mess, but having loads of fun.
What a great place for kids.

Next room was the turtles. Sam walked around the week after we went to museum saying 'ter-tel'.

A room full of balls ... who could ask for more fun! Sam had a ball in this room.
So many balls to little time!
Slam dunking with Dad.
The last stop was in the market, it was very cute to watch Sam pick out his groceries and interact with the other kids in the market.

This kid belongs to me! Sometimes it is so hard to believe he is really mine! He's beautiful!