Family 2013

Family 2013

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pictures & Parties in February

We went to Jackson Booker's 2nd birthday party, we forgot the camera at home. But here are some shots of the after party.
Sam and his Dad are laughing their heads off.
I guess you had to be there!
Sam shows his Mom how to blow the train whistle.

Sam makes his way around the room, visiting each of his toys. He is not really into toys though. He would much rather get into things he shouldn't like remotes, phones, plants ... etc. He really enjoys his books too!

The busy ball popper is the latest "favorite." It's funny because when I first brought it out for him, he was terrified of it. We would turn it on and he would crawl into my lap. He loves it now.

Sam enjoys puzzles too. He got one his first one from Judy Legg when we were visiting in Arizona. He carries the pieces around the house with him.
Mohawk Dude! Sam took his first nose dive in the bath tub and when we pulled him up he had a mohawk - totally picture worthy.
What a sweetie.
Feb 22nd - We spent the day at the Cape with Grandma and Grandpa. We all had a fun time crawling around the floor playing with Sam.
Grandma taking some pictures of Sam.
Sam tells his Grandma that it is her turn to be in a picture. Who could say no to that face.

With all that sweet talking ...
Grandma gives Sam a lesson.
Hammin it up for the camera - Sam blows kisses.
After that long photo shoot with Grandma, Sam needs a nap!
Bed Head!
Time to head home. We had a fun day.
Always time for one more photo.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Having fun in the Arizona sun

Dan and I are trying to get the first floor of our house finished before the summer (right now it seems like it will never be warm again). So, Dan's dad came up from the Cape to help Dan get some of the bigger projects done and get us closer to being done with the first floor. Anyway, it is never fun being in the house while all the work is being done and it really isn't the most safe place for a baby who is crawling all over the place. The weather has been so crappy here so Sam and I couldn't spend the day out and about. So Sam and I took a trip to Arizona to visit Grandma and Pap. We will be experiencing a true "While You Were Out."
The weather in Arizona was perfect and so was the trip. I was anxious about flying by myself with Sam. But yet again, my little guy was an angel, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Check out some of the pictures from our visit.

This chair was my dad's when he was a kid. My brother and I used it when were kids too. My parents had it reupolstered and now Sam is using it.
We spent a couple hours in Glendale at the Choclate Affair that hadn't open to the public yet. So Sam, Grandma & I had a mini picnic. Sam LOVED being in the sun, he wasn't too sure about the grass though - he stayed on the blanket.
We had a BLAST!
Sam & Grandma - just chillin in the park!
We did make it back to the Chocolate Affair later that day. Sam looks like he is in a chocolate coma - no he did have chocolate. We all enjoyed walking around the park and checking out all of the Chocolate vendors, we ended the evening listening to a local band.
The next day Sam, Grandma & I took an adventure. We took the "Light Rail" (new to Phoenix) to Tempe (Mill Ave.)
Sam is ready to go - ticket in hand!
Stopped for lunch at PF Changs.
Grandma washing Sam's hands after a messy lunch - Grandma is not a big fan of the baby wipes, she says it's more fun to play in the water. Sam loved it!
Sam and Grandma's first time at the Changers!
Sam visits my old stomping grounds Mill Ave. - Aww, the memories.
Sam enjoys Grandma.
He is such a cutie - who could resist those big beautiful blue eyes and those smooshy checks.
Waiting for the rail - time to head home. Sam is nice and coozy, taking a nap on Grandma.
We all wait!
Sam makes new friends everywhere he goes - Mr. Social Butterfly, it's ironic that that is what they called me too.
How did that get there?
Sam met more of the family this visit. He loved playing with his cousin Austin (Missy's (my cousins) son). I think we spent most of the visit rolling the ball back and forth.
Getting ready for bath time is fun at Grandma's house - we get to roll around on the bed as we get undressed.
No more pants -
There goes the socks.

Sam put on a modeling show for us - Grandma bought him new shirts and insisited he try them all on so she could see how beautiful his big blue looked in them.
Abercrombie and Fitch llok out!
Sam enjoys eating dinner with Pap, because Pap can make funnier faces than him.
The ride home ... he was such a great boy on the flights - and we had a lot of them.
What are you looking at?
Enjoying the view.

Our visit wasn't that long, just an extended weekend. But it was so nice to be able to suprise my parents and spend the weekend with them. We were busy every minute of it too.

Stay tuned - I will post updated pictures of the house so you can see what Dan and his dad got done while Sam and I were out.