Family 2013

Family 2013

Monday, September 22, 2008

Go Navy!!

Yesterday when my cell phone rang and saw that I was getting a call from Hawaii you can imagine my surprise when I heard my brothers voice. As many of you know, my brother Jay.T is an Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician for the US Navy and is serving his 2nd tour of duty in Iraq right now - he will be returning home in early December. Come to find out he really wasn't in Hawaii, the call must have come through an operator in Hawaii from Iraq - as much as I wish my brother was relaxing by the beach in Hawaii - he is happy to be serving his country in Iraq. We had a great conversation ... I updated him on all the cute little things his nephew is doing these days and we spent some time chatting about the upcoming election (Go Macain/Palin). The most important thing is that is doing well.
Jay.T was going through a lot of extensive trainings when Sam was born and wasn't able to meet him before he left for Iraq. We talk to Sam about Jay.T every day and he is in our prayers each night before Sam goes to bed. So Sam is aware what an amazing, selfless, hardworking hero he has for an uncle and can't wait to meet him at Christmas when he gets home.
Here are a few pictures Sam has posed for to show his support for his brave uncle.
End of July - Yes ... I was made in the USA and don't you love my Cami shorts.

Grandma dressed me up so she could take pictures of me to send to my Uncle Jay.T - there is a whole series of these pictures - we sent them to Jay.T. (I think Sam actually looks like a truck driver in picture)
Sam at the Marshfeild Fair in August wearing his uncle's colors - Dan thinks Sam looks like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies.

Sam hanging with his mom in September - GO NAVY!!!!

Only a few more months and Sam with be posing with his uncle. We are counting the days.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

How sweet it is ...

This picture was taken 9/20/08 ... Sam is starting to wear warmer clothes now and boy do we have some cute clothes. We haven't had to buy much - yet. We have received so many nice gifts for Sam, and the hand me downs he gets from his cousin Asher and his buddy Oliver are the greatest.

This may be my new "favorite" picture.

Sleep Regression? He's lucky he's cute.

Since the little guy has been sick we really haven't left the house except for daycare. He has been getting better, but still has a pathetic little cough. So we were planning on going apple picking or doing something outdoors this weekend - our weather has been beautiful. As they say it's always nice to have a plan but it doesn't necessarily mean it will be executed - especially when you have a baby.

The last couple of nights Dan and I have gotten less sleep than we did when we first brought Sam home. We are trying to get him to sleep through the night again (it was wonderful when he used to sleep 10 - 12 hours at a time), so we have decided to try and eliminate his nighttime feeding, in the hopes that would keep him from waking up. Well it has been a douzy the last couple of nights, we have been up with him from 11:45 - 3:00 for the last few nights - this is making the newborn stuff look easy. So needless to say, we didn't make it apple picking yesterday - Sam's morning nap was off kilter and I had a hair cut in the morning - our schedules really never came together at the right time. Anyway, no big deal. We ended up playing around the house and in the yard. We have wonderful friends - Ben and Victoria who have 3 little ones of their own ... they have passed along a lot of cool toys to Sam. The latest toy you will see below. Sam had a fun time cruising along in the driveway yesterday. This kid is so darn cute even if he keeps us up 1/2 the night.

Friday, September 12, 2008

One of the reasons I love daycare

Sam has his first cold ... he has been such a good sport. You'd never know he was sick until you see the dried up boogers on his face and hear his occasionally hacking cough. He sounds so pathetic yet he keeps that cute little smile on his face. I will do my best to snap a picture of him and add it to the post. The funny thing is that I felt bad when I dropped him off at daycare earlier this week and when I told his teacher I thought he was coming down with a cold she said "oh ya, all the kids have it here in class" so my poor little guy got it from his friends at school. Gosh, it's times like this that I feel like a rookie - it almost ruined my day that parents would send their children to school with a cold - now I know that it is the norm. Since Sam has had this cold I have felt as bad as Sam looks. He keeps on truckin.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Few of Sam's Funny Faces

Here are just a few of the funny little faces Sam has made over the last couple of months ... I am sure I am missing a ton, but I will add them as I find them in my HUGE collection of pictures.
"What you talkin bout"

"Gimme a Kiss"

Sam spent a lot of time with his neck turned this way - it's amazing his neck is so strong now

Sam used to make this face when he was about to wake up

"Check out my cool shoes"

"I am not sure if I am going to yawn or sneeze"

"This is a yawn"

Sam isn't fooling anyone - he is too sweet to look this upset.

He must be passing something !!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a cutie pie

Listening to Pastor Don at his baptism

Just hangin with Dad

Giving a BIG smile for mom

Another Smooshy Sam moment - Mom loves these!

Sam's shirt says "Apple of Daddy's Eye"

I'm ready! Are you?

Sam's shirt says "Good Looks Courtesy of Mom"

Are you talking to me?

Taking a break from the tummy time - it's hard work!

During a couple of my many ultrasounds the baby (Sam) would have his hands in prayer position ... it looks like this little guy has a lot to pray for. He still holds his hands like he is praying.

I wish I could bottle up this little boy.

"Squishy Sam"

"Smooshy Sam"

"Sleepy Sam"

There is a first time for everything

So it has been a whole summer since my last post and a lot of very wonderful things happened ... I am going to try and capture them through pictures we have taken. There are more to come - stay tuned. I just wanted to get this posted.

One of Sam's first friends was Sawyer Christian Garcia. I met Sawyer's mom - Grace when I took a prenatal swim class at the YMCA. Grace and I spent a lot of our maternity leave running errands, going to Mama's Move and hanging out together with the boys.

1st concert T-shirt ... hand me down from his totally cool cousin Asher

Picture taken on 5/14 - think this is the first bath we got a picture of ... believe it or not he actually loves "tub time" now.

Sam's first bonfire at Hanover Days on 6/21/08

Yes, that is a net over Sam - it was a "buggy" bonfire!! You can't be too safe. Dan gives Sam his first bottle on 6/21/08 ... it wasn't as painful as this picture makes it out to be.

Sam's first birthday party at "My Gym" for his friend Will Ames on 6/21/08

Sam hanging with Dad at the party!

Sam's first 5k - 6/21/08 hangin with Jen and Jess

Testing out Video -