Family 2013

Family 2013

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A weekend of Happy, Happy and Happy

So this weekend we celebrated a Happy Birthday to Grandpa (6/18), a Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads, and a Happy Anniversary to Dan and I (6/19 was 7 years). We went to the Cape and had a great time. Jeff brought the boys too. Slip and slide kind of day.
Asher goes head first on his belly.

and so does Sam.

Getting creative.

Bohdi plays in the pool. The boys were outside most of the day Saturday and had a blast together.

Sam takes a break from the slide to help grandma make ice cream.
There is a fun video at the end ... don't forget to check it out.

Just wait Sis, your day is coming. There is a lot going on down there.

Bohdi bites Alison and gets a talking to from his Uncle Dan. Doesn't he look to sweet to be up to no good.

Spending time together - Dan and Bohdi

Sissie just kicking around.

Checking on the ice cream.

The best part is the clean up.

Building forts. One of Sam's favorite past times if he is in the house.

Grandpa opens up his birthday presents with a little help from the big boys.

Sam gets to stay up late because of good behavior, as he tries to sneak some of grandma's ice cream.

The boys watched cartoons together. Little sleepyheads.

Daddy and Ali having some small talk.

Pretty in Pink.

She enjoys life! Happy girl.

AHHHH! Sam the Monster.

Happy Fathers Day!

Grandma and Grandpa and their CREW!

What a great weekend with so much to celebrate. HAPPYness all around.

Vacation in White Mountains

We took a mini vacation (or as Sam would say "CATION") to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. What a beautiful place. Dan works with a girl that has a house there and we were able to stay in the cabin for a long weekend. Our main goal for the vacation was to take the kids (mainly Sam) to Storyland. Both kids did great on the drive there, about 3 hours. We had a nice time together.

It was a bit rainy the first day, but cleared up and was beautiful for our outing to Storyland.

We found an ice cream stand on the side of the highway on our way back to the cabin. We found a Super Walmart.

Turtle crossing.

It is so cute ... this is what Sam called "CATION". Whenever we would leave the cabin, he would ask if we would be coming back to CATION.
The White Mountains were absolutely breathtaking, I can't wait to go back when the kids are older to do some more exploring.

So you may notice that there are NO pictures from Storyland posted here. Well, the camera died the second we entered the park. So all of our pictures were taken on the cell phone, so I will post the pictures later, after I have downloaded. We were so bummed.

Ali's First Day of School and Mommy's Back to Work

Ali is getting ready for her big day. She will go to school with Sam. Sam is very excited to have his sissie at school with him. He is already telling me who her friends are going to be. I really can't believe it is already time to make this transition, the time has flown by. She will start school earlier that Sam did, she will be 10 weeks and Sam was 14 weeks. She was 8 days late (but who was counting), so we had to start counting that time for Maternity Leave.

Big girl, ready to start school. We have been taking Sam to school 3 times a week, but she will stay with him this time.

Bubba and Sissie have a good laugh before we load up the truck.

There she is, the first one to arrive, no one is in her classroom yet.

Ms. Diana takes some pictures of Ali on her first day. She did a video too - see it at the end of the post.

She did good. That is no surprise to us. We think this little girl can do just about anything.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ali is 2 months

We have the sweetest little girl. Ali is getting so big, she started off big at 8.4 and just keeps getting bigger. Time is flying by at warp speed. SLOW DOWN.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Fun - Hanging with our Friends!

Summer has finally arrived ... we love to get out with the Jones girls and big brother Ryan. We had another zoo adventure. Alison's first visit, she did pretty good, we only had to stop once for her to eat ... it was good timing though, everyone needed to stop and rest.

We go all the way to the zoo and the kids want to take a ride.
Katie being her cute little self.
Sam got a little excited and started to run ... he crashed and burned. He insisted on a band aid, his new thing - every little bump scrap requires a band aid. I guess I need to start carrying them around with me now. He gets alot of bumps and some with blood.

GRRRR! The tiger cage.

Brave Katie and Sam ... The tiger got really close.

Scary ... fast forward 13 years and I wonder if we will see a similar scene. Don't grow up too fast.

I love that little tooshy.

Sam and the twins get along so great! I love doing things with this family.

How big are you?

Ryan and Sam check out the Hippo.

Sissie being her happy little self. This girl hasn't started complaining yet! Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Sam and Ava take a break while Alison eats. I only have a stroller for Ali now and sometimes when we are out Sam will say "I am havin a hard time walkin Mama"Sam and Ryan check out the giraffes. Ryan was our tour guide. We had a fun day in the sun.

Sam attended Wyllys 4th birthday party at "My Gym" we have been to all of Will's birthday parties. Sam loves "My Gym" he had a blast!

We don't see these kids on a regular basis, but it is fun to see how they have grown from year to year at Will's party.

Tanya and Dave are super people, we wish we could get together with them more often. We both have such busy schedules. Super Will turns 4.
Sam got to ride the zip line at the party too ... be sure to check out the video at the end of this post.

Sam and Abe get some relief in the pool.

While Ali catches up on some Z's.

Sam is such a good friend. He looks on while Abe decides whether he wants to get in the pool or not. Such an angel face.