Family 2013

Family 2013

Monday, February 7, 2011

Let it snow - What a winter?

What a winter! Could it get any colder? Could we get any more snow? It was a record breaker this year! I am so happy we are getting closer to Spring. I laid low as much as possible this winter ... I have a huge fear of falling and with this ever growing baby belly I would really hate to have a spill. We had a handful of snow days and NO SCHOOL for Sam this year. It was quite the challenge for us both to survive as I "tried" to work from home on those days. Sam was such a trooper, and I hate to say it but some days he spent more time with Dora the Explorer than he did with Mommy. We survived and are still best buds. Plus, Sam can count to five in Spanish now. The boys spent a lot of time outside exploring and riding around in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sled Dan found. I don't know who had more fun Dan or Sam.
Our yard gets the brunt of the snow from the plow trucks. Great hills to sled down for the little ones.
Everybody helps Mr. Dan shovel a path to the front door. We are the only family on the block that doesn't have plow service or a snow blower. Shoveling can be back breaking.
Little helper, helping out Daddy!

"Look Mommy the snow is taller than me"
Snow ball fights or should I say toss. The sound of the laughs was priceless.

Dan and Sam went sledding with some friends at a golf course in Marshfield.
OK, so at the bottom there is a video that absolutely terrified me as "Sam's Mommy" you will know if when you see it. Anyway, Ben helps Sam get back to the top of the hill after his first solo ride down. I guess Sam has a blast.