Family 2013

Family 2013

Monday, August 31, 2009

Movin Up - First Day in the Toddler Room at School

Today was Sam's first day in the "Big Kid" room at Brown Bear Academy. We had a nice breakfast and off we went. I left the camera with Ms. Mimi to capture some of his first moments with the "Big(ger) Kids." He had such a great day! Getting ready for our big day in the "Big Kid" room.

When I dropped him off, I took him in and this is what he thought - taking it all in. He was the first one there.

Balls! More Balls! This kid is happy if there is a ball around. I think it's the first thing he spotted.

Lunch time. Chicken nuggets (one of his favorites).

Nap time. He is such a good little napper.

The afternoon snack was ice cream, the kids were celebrating Kryssia's birthday.

Sam loves Ice Cream! Can you tell?

Playing in the kitchen with his friends.

Sam the multi tasker, taking a call and making coffee. Hmmm, I wonder where he gets that from.

It was a serious phone call apparently.

What a silly boy.

When Sam was in the infant room, we had to fill out the morning portion of the day sheet. In the toddler room we don't. Ms. Mimi will fill it out for us. This was his day sheet for his first day.
Diaper Changes: 8AM (BM/Wet Desitin), 12:30 (BM/Wet Desitin), 3:30 (BM/Wet Desitin)
FOOD: AM Snack (graham crackers) Lunch (Chicken Nuggets/most, Cheese/most, Beans/some and Milk)
What I did today! Sam had and awesome first day in Ms. Mimi's room! We spent the day getting aquainted and helping Sam and Troy get aclimated to the Toddler Room. Sam was on his best behavior and really enjoyed exploring all the different toyis in the Toddler Room. We got to spend alot of time outside today.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sweet 16 ... months

Sam is 16 months old today - before we know it he will be getting his driver's license ... it really does seem like time has flown by. Here are a few pictures from his Sweet 16! He is such a sweetie.
Sweet Determination - this kid has it.
LLLLLLGGGGGGKKKKKK (Luke in Sam's language).
They are best buds, it's funny if Sam is having a tough ride in the car, the second you mention going home to see Luke he starts to chant LLLLGGGGGKKKK and says WOOF. He loves his dog. Luke is really good with Sam too - just not as excited! More like BEWARE.
Yes, Sam has discovered peanut butter and his LOVES it - just like mom and dad.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arizona in August

So Sam and I took a trip to Arizona in late August. We had a nice time visiting Grandma and Pap. Our trip did get a rough start. We left Boston at 6AM which means we left our house at 3:45AM we were supposed to fly into Memphis and then onto Phoenix (to arrive 10:45 AM / AZ time). Well long story short - we were diverted to Nashville and then on to Memphis where we missed out flight, we then took a flight up north to the "Twin Cities" Minnesota and then on to Phoenix , when we arrived after 6PM our luggage did not. We did not get our luggage until the following day. Whew! What a day! We did good entertaining each other. Sam is such a little trooper and very fun to travel with. This is how Sam entertained me in the airport during one of our 3 hour lay over ... I was the crazy mom running up and down the corridor taking pictures of her son! We had fun, we made the best of it. Thank you Little Sammy.

We met some pretty great people on our journey across the country. God really was looking out for us, and put us in contact with wonderful people. It could have been a disaster.

Sam played with a boy named Mason who sat behind us, Mason's mom and dad sat beside us.
I wish I would of recorded the giggles that came out of same during this interaction. He loved this big kid and his hat and sunglasses.
We finally got there and settled in and Grandma started to pull out all the gadgets and goodies to play with. Sam was in heaven unless you couldn't tell by the pictures.
Sam makes some artwork for grandma's refrigerator.

Kickin It at Grandma and Pap's house - Sam feels right at home.
Grandma introduced Sam to Cheetos's - needless to say he LOVED them. There was fake cheese all over the place.
Can't get enough.
I bought Sam a handful of new things for the trip - specifically the airplane ride. We found these headbands at Target and he loved having me put in on him and he take it off and visa versa - I look pretty HOT in a head sweatband. Check out Mr. Cool Guy with his Grandma playing with one of the hundred balls at Grandma and Pap's house.

We made a visit to Peg (my grandma Piggy), she is such a dear family friend and very close to the family. I am so happy that we made it out to see her.
The Ladies!Sunday after church we all went to the Phoenix Children's Museum, what a fun place. Sam fell asleep on the way there and slept for a good part of the visit. We still had fun Grandma did a stamp craft for Sam.
Here is Sam in front of the painted house, he really would have enjoyed adding a layer of paint to the house...he was busy catching up on his ZZZZZ's
He woke up - it took him a while to be OK with being awake.
Once he woke up and warmed up we made our way to the 3 and under room. He crawled around with Grandma.

Sam sitting on a football ... he sat in the corner of the kitchen throwing a light up ball back and forth for a long time.
Sam carried the pink whale around the house with him every time we mentioned going in the pool. Funny thing - he wanted nothing to do with it once we got in the pool.
Grandma and Pap's fridge - notice Sam's artwork.

Hanging out with Pap.
Sam sat on the couch for an hour or so playing with his cell phone, waiting for Pap to call (see the video below).
The journey home was so much easier, Sam and I got a row to ourselves and plenty of room to spread out.
He knows how to make his Mom laugh. We had such a nice vacation to Arizona together.