Family 2013

Family 2013

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy in Arizona

One thing I have reliezed about being a mom is that "we" deserve to share the (birth)day with our children, I don't think anyone else understands how much that day means for "us," a day that changes our lives forever :) And how great that every year when they turn a year older, we can think back to that wonderful day and relive it with them. With that said, I choose to spend my birthday this year with my mom (and dad) in Arizona, and of course I took my little man with me. What more can a mom ask for ... making her mom happy.
Pap picked us up at the airport late Wednesday night, we spent the next morning with him at the park ... we fed the ducks (one of Sam's favorite things to do in AZ) and we slid down the slides (all by himself).

When we go outside Sam will ask for his glasses, it is amazing how he will keep them on.

Too cute ... Sam looks in on a group of big boys playing basketball, he wanted to go over and play so badly. How can you tell this kid he is just to little.
He really does do a good job sliding down by himself. He looks petrified in this shot though.
Grandma worked the first day we got into town, but when she got home, those two got down to business ... they played dress up. Reminder: He is the only grandchild.
Foxy little guy checks himself out in the mirror.
Sam's hiding spot in between the two doors. It was funny until he realized he didn't know how to get out of the fun little spot.
Taking in some sunshine at a Spring Training Game.

What a great day for a game ... and a suntan.
Some day ....

Self portrait ... getting ready to leave for my surprise birthday dinner.
Silly girls!

We made it to the Arizona Opry, we had a great night. Sam entertained himself, while we all laughed with him. He did so great during the show.
Pap and Daama
Someone is getting sleepy.
Self portrait with Dad ... I guess it is the only way I am going to get into the picture ... Just kidding, I just really love self portraits.
We spent my birthday at "Enchanted Island" we rode the train and the carousel. Sam enjoyed being in the park, so did his Grandma and I.

What a little "fat head"

We ran around the park all afternoon, Sam would throw the ball and then we would race to it.

Sam looks on at a group a much bigger boys playing football.
He decides he would like to join them ... OMG, how scary that my little boy may want to be a real football player. YIKES.
The evening of my birthday, I met up with one of my dearest friends Jessica. We went out to dinner, and to an old time favorite "a rodeo". We had a blast, and it was so great to catch up with her.

I also got a chance to catch up with my "best bud" Ken. We ate Mexican food. YUMMY!
Sam and Grandma set off to the park to feed the ducks, and Sam conked out 1/2 way there. Grandma continued the walk to the park to see if he would wake up - no such luck, he slept all the way home and then some. This kid is exhausted after playing with Grandma.

Grandma tries to teach Sam how to crawl into the doggie door.
Sam and I eat my "birthday ice cream"
Yummy! Happy Birthday Mommy.
We spent our last afternoon at the water fountain at Westgate. This is the first time this year that some of Sam's skin has seen the sun. We loaded up on the sunscreen.

Mom and I sat in the jacuzzi ... what a mess. You can't be beautiful all of the time.
I had a great birthday ... I can only hope that one day my little Sammy will want to spend his special day with me. Pap kept us company in the airport before we left.