Family 2013

Family 2013

Monday, May 24, 2010

Just can't get enough of Rae Rae

So, in the first couple years of life there are very few people that Sam warms up to RIGHT AWAY, and Chelsea (Rae Rae) is one of them. This boys loves her! He was asking for her after she had been gone for a week. Here are the pictures from my camera (when they visited in early May.) Don't miss the 2 videos at the bottom of the post. Check out some of Sam's latest dance moves, he definitely gets his moves from the Light side of the family ... we love you Grandpa :) I also got some footage of Rae Rae shooting hoops.
Sam and I took the girls to Weir River Farm, one of our favorite spots to go and visit the animals, especially the horses - Sam's favorite.

This boy wears my shoes around the house too. I think he prefers mine, because Dan has such huge feet.
Enjoying some good ole' rock and roll at Battle of the Bands.
Sam and Dan wait to explore the tank at Marine Week in Charlestown.
Sam - inside the tank.
The family photo opp at the Navy Ship Yard ... we don't get those too often.
Super Stars!
Atlanta entertains us all while we are in the car. Sam laughed his head off.

Sam just sat there and let her place with his chubby little face.
Hoops Ball ... Rae Rae takes on Dan. Nice Shot!

Bath time with the girls.
This picture explains it all ... Do you think he likes her much?
The girls taught us how to play SPEED ... Yeah, I beat them all!
We always have such a good time when these girls around. Come back soon.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

rae rae and lanna

I love FAMILY, two very special people came to visit ... my little cousins (not so little anymore) Chelsea Rae and Atlanta Joy. They took a road trip from Lima, OH. We had a nice weekend with them. Check out the pictures, the ones on this post are from the girls, I haven't downloaded mine yet. As you can see we love taking pictures in this family, and this is only a fraction of what was taken.

Rae Rae and Muda
We went to "Battle of the Bands" the kids next door were battling it out. Sam's babysitter Alana took 1st place. You go girl!
As you can see, Sam had a blast. He was up dancing with the band - Political Extinction.
One of many trips to Target!
Smoochy Face. The girls were all over this boy all weekend and he loved every minute of it.
Almost every minute of it.
Sweetie Pies!
We attempted a picnic to Castle Island on Mothers Day, but it ended up being way to cold and super windy ... so we picnicked in the car while Sam took a snooze.

BRRRRRR! We are off to Marine Week in Charlestown Navy Yard. The girls were happy with the sightseeing there.
Fenway Park
We laughed for hours when we realized a little gremlin jumped in our picture, look closely in between Chelsea and I? Ha Ha, did you laugh?

So peaceful!

We all got somewhat matching shirts ... So fun!
Happy Mothers Day to Mommy. Who could ask for more than these two very special BOYS. I love you both.
Man, when did this kid grow up.
I think Dan had a lot of fun with all the girls, thank God for Sam or he would have really been the odd man out ... he is such a trooper.
Lanna Joy and Muda
We had a such a great visit ... we always do. We spend most of our time laughing.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weir River Farm this Spring

Sam and I recently discovered that we can go to the stables by our house whenever we want, the stables are open to the public. This is now one of Sam's favorite places to go, especially since he loves horses so much. We used to go to Weir River farm once a week to visit his horse friends, now all we have to do is go around the block. Here are some shots from the Spring visits to Weir River.
Sam showing off his new haircut.

He is his mothers son, he sweats like the best of them, he was begging to take off his shirt because he was so hot.
My chubby little boy is thinning out ... don't worry Mom he still has chubby little Sam Bones.

Playing in the rocks.
Weir River Farm
Saying hi to Coletrane - the draft horse. He is beautiful ... did I mention big!
Little Miss Katie enjoys her time at the farm too ... everyone waits for Story Time to begin.
Jackson and Liam came along too.