Family 2013

Family 2013

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting ACTIVE this summer

So this is the first summer that Sam has been involved in "organized" activities. He has been doing Gymnastics at the YMCA on Wednesday mornings and playing T-ball on Tuesday and Thursdays through the Parks and Rec department in town. He has really enjoyed both. We have been BUSY.

This summer we enrolled Sam in Gymnastics (Rollers Class) at the YMCA. When my parents were here this Spring, we went to see Dan play basketball at the YMCA, and Sam was in AHH of the gymnastics room, and told us he wanted to do gymnastics. So his Dahma sent him the money to enroll in the class this summer. He gets excited every Wednesday morning to go to "nastics" with his buddy Brendan. Here are some photos from his first class along with a few videos at the bottom of the post.

The coaches at the YMCA are so good with the kids. The boys were a little reluctant to get started the first day.


The first obstacle course.

Donkey kicks.

Kitty Cat with a tale.

We also signed Sam up for T-ball on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with the Park and Rec department. He had a ball.

Running the bases.

Listening to Coach Kim.

I like this picture because of the little boy in front of Sam that is doing a push up.

Waiting patiently for his turn to bat.

Sam and Brendan

Batter up ... Sam always hits the stand too. We need to work on that.

Sam's cheerleaders ... S S S A M U U U E L - S A M U E L - Samuel!

Coach Kim has the kids chase her at each practice, it is such a HOOT. Check out the video at the bottom of the post.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 3 Month Birthday Alison!

Our little bundle of JOY is 3 months already. Here you are ... your big brother is approaching.

This is the outfit we got your 3 month picture taken in at Sears. April (The McDonald family) got this for you in France, where they are living for now. I taped a bow to your head for this picture, it was pretty funny.
Your big brother LOVES you so much and wants to hug and kiss on you all of the time. He gives you all he's got.
You think he is pretty cool too. You smile and kick your feet when you see him coming.

My sweet girl, a lot has happened in the last month.

You had your first day at day care, you are doing so good and have lots of little friends at school, the teachers just love you (that doesn't surprise me). You are doing great with the bottle, but having a tough time napping. I suppose your mommy has spoiled you a bit with nursing and holding you while you nap - but you are adapting well. I think you are going to be a social little girl, and that is why you don't nap at school - too much going on and you don't want to miss a thing. Mommy went back to work. This meant that you needed to start sleeping in your crib, I was nervous about that, but Daddy had faith and you did great. We laid you down to sleep (not in your carseat) and you slept. Sleeping is another thing, you haven't been consistent ... most nights you are up every 2 - 3 hours, but every few nights you will go for 5. Mommy loves it when you sleep for longer stretches. I love you baby girl, but it is no fun hanging out with you in the middle of the night when you are sleeping, I do admit I love the quiet time with you when I can soak you in - I know this won't last long. I LOVE our quiet time together and now that I am back to work we don't get a lot of that.

Ali Joy, every time I look at you (every single time - I mean that) it brings a smile to my face. You are just so happy no matter what the situation is and I hope you carry that sweet little attitude with you forever. I know it has been three months, but there are still days that I look at you and can't believe you are MINE, I truly have been blessed to have you in my life. You are getting more expressive and we can talk forever - you are a talker! You definitely have a poop face, and this may sound funny but it is one of my favorite faces you make - your nostrils flare out and you hold your breath. My other favorite face is when you first wake up - the first thing you so is SMILE (seriously) and then you wrinkle up your entire face before you start this stretching episode that can last for 2 minutes - just a little dramatic.

I love you Baby Girl! Happy 3 Months.