Family 2013

Family 2013

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Sam finally got a swing set. I am so "frugal" I made "us" wait until the end of the season to buy, so we'd get a good deal - We did! Sam loves it! We are trying to teach him to pump his legs on the swings, I think he would rather have someone push him. He always says "faster, faster!" We have a little dare devil.
Dan had fun shooting the corn cannon, he won us a candy bar to share - Thanks Dad!
Hayride! One of Sam's new favorite things to do.
Making sure they get the perfect one.

Enjoying a snack as we wonder through the corn.

Back in October, Dan and I took Sam to a corn maze. It was a beautiful day. Sam really enjoys hayrides and pumpkins. I think we ended up with 6 pumpkins this year. Here are some of the pictures I forgot to add to a earlier post. I feel like I will forever be a few steps behind - for the rest of my life. Enjoy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

3rd Annual Taco Soup Night

Every year since we moved to Maplewood Dr. we have hosted a Taco Soup night in November. Perfect weather for Taco Soup. It is always such a fun time. We have all the neighbors over (kiddos and adults) and eat Mexican appetizers and Taco Soup. This year we had live entertainment. Our neighbors son is in a "Rock Band" called Political Extinction. They played for us all evening. The weather was beautiful, but it started to get chilly as the sun went down. Everyone had a great time!

Our very own rock star "Lisa", she brought Mojitos this year. Apparently all you needed was one. Those that had more than that regretted it the next day. Lisa sure does know how to make a good drink.

Watching the band get set up.

Abe enjoys the music.

Andy the big teddy bear snuggles up with Baby Ellie.

Sam is a future Rock Star ... he really just loves music, especially when it's live.

Val and Mischa

The Bookers - Jackson

Some of the Maplewood ladies. Have a drink and enjoy the band.

The party was a RAGER, the cops drove by at 6:30 to check it out.

My little rock star had to bring out his electric guitar so he could "rock out" with the band.

Jackson and Robbie

Come inside for something warm to eat.


Sam just kept getting closer to the band as the evening continued. You will see that he eventually ended up "on stage" with the big guys. He was in Heaven.

We had a great time, Sam is still talking about it. A special thanks goes out to Political Extinction for giving up a Saturday night to play your music for us. I think they walked away with $130 in TIPS.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween was GRRRREAT!

Halloween was GRRRREAT this year. It was fun shopping for costumes this year, Sam is starting to develop an opinion which is a GOOD thing and a BAD thing. It is so interesting to see what he is interested in and sometimes he will tell you why. On the other hand, he know longer wants to be a cute little giraffe or lion just because that's what Mommy wants him to be. He choose to be a bright orange and black tiger, which at times he called himself a lion anyways. I will say he made a very cute tiger. GO WAYNESFIELD GOSHEN!!! My moms mascot in high school was a tiger. He'd be a cute mascot.
We had several opportunities to wear the tiger costume - lots of parties! Sam had a hard time putting it on for the first time - so I had to call in reinforcements - DAD!!!!
Dad made it look so easy!
We went to the Newcomers Party! Sam got lots of candy. We ended up donating most of it. He had fun on the candy hunt though.
His favorite candy this year was Dum Dum suckers and anything gummy.
After the party, Sam and I headed to the Y (formally the YMCA). We did the Halloween parade and got even MORE candy. We rode on a Clydesdale hores hayride through the parking lot.

I am starting to feel and look pregnant. It is nice to not feel so sick all the time now. Just getting bigger.
Sam in deep thought, before he ask for another piece of candy.

On Halloween night for the last 3 years we have headed to our neighbors house for Great Food, and to rally up all the neighborhood kids to go Trick or Treating. Sam and Baby Ellie were both tigers this year. Sam LOVES babies - especially little girls. He thinks the baby in Mommies belly is a baby sister. He hugs and kisses on Baby Ellie every chance he gets. Good practice.
Off to Trick or Treats!
It was a chilling evening.
Mr. Independent ... he really has started to WANT to do things on his own. It is kind of sad to see him grow up so fast.

Super Hero Bookers!

The Meaghers - Their 2nd baby is due 1/1/2011
The Cummings Family
How can you resist these kids. We made it through the cul-de-sac down the road and then everyone was ready to call it a night.