Family 2013

Family 2013

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Sam

So our little guy is ONE now. His FIRST birthday was yesterday. It is so hard to believe that a year has already gone by. We have had the best week. My mom came into town to spend the week of Sam's birthday with him (and us - of course). The two of them had a lot of fun.
Sam shows Grandma all the fun stuff in his cabinet - we baby proofed all by one cabinet in the kitchen. I filled one with all the fun things Sam could get into without hurting himself or others. We are still learning what those things are every day, and the items in that cabinet changes as well.

At one point he put his whole body in the cabinet - I wasn't fast enough with the camera.
We spent a day in Boston - most of the day was spent in the Back Bay, one of the most beautiful areas in Boston (if you ask me). Here is Grandma and Sam overlooking the pond in the "Public Gardens"
It was a windy day - Sam is starting to not want to be in the stroller unless we are moving.

Grandma and Sam outside of the "Boston Common"
Make Way for Sam ... I am not sure, I think he was tired at this point in our day and wanted nothing to do with the ducklings. Grandma bought him the book "Make Way for Ducklings" to remember our fun day in the park.
Cheers - the line was too long for lunch. We kept walking, until we got to TELUXE - a tea bar. We (mom and I) had "bubble tea" aka "tea with balls" - it was a fun experience.
Long day - sleeping on the T.
My Uncle Larry and Aunt Jen came into town for Sam's birthday too. We had such a great time with them. After our first excursion with them and conversations later, Uncle Larry and Aunt Jen became Nina and Kinko. We had many laughs and lots of small adventures.
Dan brought home lobster, shrimp, clams and crab meat - you can't visit New England for the first time and not have it. Funny thing is I live here and do not partake. Anyway, I think I see lobster in Sam's future.
Uncle Larry was the only one brave enough to pick up one of the lobsters.

Best place to be - center of attention. After dinner entertainment by Sam.
Showing off his goodies.
Finally time to eat ... what a feast!
Time to PARTY!!! Sam's 1st birthday party was AWESOME. It couldn't have been better. It was the first "hot" day of the season, I think it was well into the 80's and boy was it warm. The water table he got from Uncle Jeff, Aunt Jen and Asher was the hit of the party for the little ones. Sam was soaked all day. He loved it. Here he is with his friends Ollie, Caroline and cousin Asher.
Dan has been teaching Sam how to blow out his birthday candles for the last couple of months now. It worked. He wasn't all that into it, but it was getting late.
Sam got a bubble maker from his friend Misha.
It was such a beautiful day - we had dinner on the patio for the first time this year. Sam loves it because he can be extra messy.
Nina and Kinko got him an OHIO STATE chair, he was crawling all over it.
Off to the Vineyard for the day - one of our favorite places.
Sam rides face forward (in the rental) the day before he actually turns one. A new perspective, he loved it.
Gay Head Lighthouse
We swore we would never drive a mini van ... I love them more and more every day.
Sam being silly with Grandma.
The whole gang at Gay Head Lighthouse
Messing with Dad.
Nina and Kinko bought ice cream for everybody - Grandma shared with Sam.
Waiting for the Ferry.

Pink bath - Sam got color tabs for his birthday from his cousin Mason. Bath time has been an adventure since.
Deep concentration
April 27th - Sam's actual birthday. We celebrated again.

Proud of the mess he made. All I can say is that eating outdoors is way more fun that eating inside.
It won't bite.
So do you think Sam has an issue with birthdays or giant cakes placed in front of him. What a trip.
Not pee - remember the color tablets he got for his birthday.
Time to go back to school. All of our guest have gone home. We had such a great time and look forward to seeing everyone again real soon.
A few milestones to mention. Sam started walking back and forth from Grandma and mommy/daddy on 4/19. I still wouldn't call it official walking but he is sooo close. A few other things, Sam is drinking "cow's" milk in a sippie cup now (has been since 11.5 months), he continues to nurse in the morning and night, but we are looking to start weaning him from that soon too. He is doing good with solid foods, very picky as to what he will eat, but doing great none the less. At his ONE year check up he weighed in at 25.10 and was 31 in. tall. He continues to grow. Can't wait until he starts walking so I don't have to carry him everywhere. He is such a happy kid, he loves to wave and blow kisses.