Family 2013

Family 2013

Monday, March 28, 2011

7 days and counting

With one week left I am spending as much time as possible with Sam and Dan. Who knows what life will be like in a week? We will all have some adjusting to do, but we can't wait. The boys and I went to the arcade today and got blizzards at Dairy Queen, we all got mediums ... which means I ate mine and the 2nd half of Sammy's. We had a fun day together.

Sam was so good at this game, he had to point the fire hose to the small holes that looked liked fire ... he did great!

Horses - one of Sam's favorites, he is starting to out grow them.

Sam won like 50 tickets, he spent them on 1 silly band that he gave to me and a mini box of Nerds (first time eating them). He is sharing them with his Daddy.

Nerds are YUMMY!

Licking them out of the palm of Daddy's hand.

Playing Doctor with Mommy ... checking out the baby.

39 weeks

Giving the baby shots.

39 weeks today - 2cm and 65% effaced. Moving right along. Feeling better this week. I will working from home this last week of work, which makes it easier. I feel like I am getting more energy, we are excited that my parents will be here Wednesday - hope the baby will wait too. Sam is getting very anxious to meet "his baby" I hope he continues to be happy about this little person.. If this baby isn't born by Saturday I will be getting an induction massage, Leigh, the massage therapist I have been seeing for most of the pregnancy says that after the induction massage the baby will come anywhere from 1-4 days. We'll see. Everyone is getting excited to meet Baby Light #2.

Monday, March 21, 2011

14 days and counting

38 weeks today ... the doctor is saying I am 1cm and 50% effaced. I am feeling very heavy these days, the doctor says the baby is head down and that is why there is so much pressure. It is getting harder to get around these days, especially standing up and walking after sitting for a while. I cracked my pelvis right before I had Sam, and now I am getting nervous that it could happen again, doctor says it's not likely but I should take it easy. Keep your fingers crossed. I have also had a horrific head cold and can't breathe through my nose, I have been stuffed up for the last week. I can't imagine breathing through labor with this nose head. My parents will be here next week. We are counting the days.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I know they say you shouldn't compare - but, this is what life has been like so far.

The little person inside of me is already 100% different than Sam, my pregnancy couldn't be any more different than my pregnancy with my sweet little Sam. As many people remember, early on in my pregnancy with Sam the doctors found cysts on Sam's kidneys. So Dan and I were in and out of doctors offices with consultations and ultrasounds from week 18 of the pregnancy. Anyway, with all the possibilities the doctors gave us about what Sam's life might be like when he was born, I ALWAYS stayed optimistic. There came a point in the pregnancy that I realized there was nothing I could do about what was going on, so I turned it over to the Lord and relaxed the rest of the pregnancy. I was able to stay positive for me and the little person inside of me. Stay calm. I remember that I had some nausea (minor) and heartburn in the 3rd trimester, oh and the swollen feet. But, other than that the pregnancy was pretty OK. I remember enjoying pregnancy and thinking I was going to miss it when I had a the baby. Fast forward about 3 years later...Pregnancy #2 **** DISCLAIMER TO SAMUEL KLUNE LIGHT: You are not allowed to use this against your sister/brother in the future. I'm not sure that I have shared everything that this wonderful pregnancy has put my body through. Where do I start? I will try to keep it brief because I know that nobody likes a complainer. Dan and I found out we were pregnant in late July, the nausea started in early August and didn't let up (one bit) until early October. And of course this is a time when the pregnancy is not PUBLIC knowledge yet, so I was just the cranky girl that was getting fat. I never did throw up, but I tried every over the counter product to get some relief from the nausea, the only thing I found that gave any kind of relief was SEA BANDS, they look like sweat bands you wear when you work out. Oh, lets talk about working out - NON EXISTENT in the first trimester - I gained about 30 lbs (that may be an exaggeration) I definitely looked like I did though. Around week 27 I started to develop a rash under my breast and armpits, the doctors were sure it was PUPP, in fact I was tested for it twice and both tests came back negative. I spent about 1 full month in tears itching every inch of my body - I did not have any relief from the rash for almost a month and it was spreading all over my body - Dan wanted to take pictures (I didn't let him, I wish I did now just to have proof of what my body went through for almost 6weeks.) Finally, I was sent to a dermatologist (thank God for Achilles at SSH) where they did 2 biopsy's - both came back inconclusive too - but, the doctor prescribed a low dose steroid and some super strength topical cream. He chalked it up to be a hormonal reaction of sorts. NOW WOULD A SWEET LITTLE BOY DO THIS TO HIS MOTHER IS WHAT I ASKED MYSELF - I BELIEVE A WOMEN WOULD ONLY DO THIS TO ANOTHER WOMEN. I AM TOTALLY CONVINCED THIS LITTLE PERSON IS A GIRL. So at the tail end of the rash I was going through my 3rd round of glucose testing. After having the first 2 rounds come back slightly/bearly elevatated. The 3rd round came back elevated too, so at that point I had to see the Diabetic Educator and Nutritionist at the Hospital so they could start treating me for gestational diabetes. I did learn that when you are on steroids it can raise your blood sugars, but the doctors wanted to be on the safe side. So for the last 7 weeks of this pregnancy I have been testing my blood sugars 4 times a day. Which by the way have all been just fine. They aren't calling it a true case of gestational diabetes, but I still continue to watch my diet and exercise and test 4 times a day. FUN TIMES. On a positive note they have done a handful of level 2 ultrasounds to ensure that Baby Light #2 doesn't have any kidney issues and they can't find any issues. We did get a 3D picture of this little peanut at 36 weeks and he/she is as cute as they come. Big lips and chubby checks. It is hard to believe that I have already forgotten about the horrendous rash I had for 6 weeks, all I can think of is this precious little baby that will be joining us soon. Isn't a womens mind amazing. I am getting excited to meet this little person. Again unlike Sam (in my belly) - this baby is a mover and shaker. I don't think this baby ever sleeps, he/she is ready to get this party called "life" started. I think the first thing I will do when I meet this one is chew all over the little feet that have been tap dancing on the left side of my belly for the last month. Dan has been loving it, the baby moves all over when he talks to him/her. Already starting to bond. Sam was always so shy, I think I am the only one he would move for. We are getting excited to meet you Baby Light #2, even your big brother is, no matter what he may tell you when you are both bigger. The best gift we could give either one of you is EACHOTHER. We hope you grow up to be BEST FRIENDS.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I love you so so so so so so so ........ MUCH!

Right before Sam was born, I spent part of an afternoon sending him a video message about how I was feeling at that point in my pregnancy and how excited I was getting to meet him (we weren't sure if he was going to be a he or she at that point). I cried almost the entire time. At that point I wasn't sure what life was going to be like with a baby, a baby (a life) that depended on Dan and I. I never had any doubts that Dan and I would be great parents. I knew we would, but in that moment it was becoming so real - we were going to parents any day. I am sure I have blogged about this since then, but this little boy changed my life on 4/27/2008 at 9:41PM. After carrying him around with me everywhere I went for 9+ months, I was already pretty connected to that little person, but I never knew that I would instantly fall in love with him with my whole entire heart as easily as I did that night. A love that you can't describe. A love that last a lifetime. Unconditional love. For the last 3 years there hasn't been a single day that goes by that that little boy doesn't know how much I love him. In the last few months he has really started to verbalize how much he loves us too. It is absolutely the sweetest most sincere love I have ever witnessed. He will through his arms around me and say I love you so so so so so so so ........ MUCH Mommy! It makes me melt. Better yet, he tells me how much he loves "his baby" too. Sometimes I wonder how did we ever get so blessed with this boy. We have learned so much from this little boy over the last 3 years. He has made me a more patient person and a better listener. I love the person I have grown into when I became Sam's mommy. Having him in our lives has certainly made our lives richer and happier. I look forward to seeing him as a big brother. He will be GREAT!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

happy birthday to mommy

These two boys really make every day of my life HAPPY.

It is hard to believe that in a matter of weeks we will have more "HAPPINESS" in our lives. Our little family of 3 will be growing to 4. It is still so hard to believe we are so close. Can life get better than this? I love this little boy.

What a nice laid back Birthday. The boys got me a blueberry bush and loaded it down with all the reasons the world is a better place because I was born - HOW SWEET IS THAT - there were 34 reasons! I also got a few new charms for my pandora bracelet. The neighbors stopped by in the morning to sing Happy Birthday and deliver an Edible Arrangement - YUMMY FRUIT! The boys made a cake for me and we sang Happy Birthday after dinner.

Friday, March 4, 2011

One month til the DUE DATE - Squeezing in the FUN!

I feel like I have been nesting for the last 3 months, I swear this is the pregnancy that will not end. But, we have been trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible these days to0. Check out some of the fun things we have done in the last couple of weeks.
Our favorite girls came over the other day to ride bikes in the cul-de-sac. Boy did we have some good laughs. You know what that say about women drivers.
Sam rode his bike while the girls had fun in his jeep. They all did so well taking turns.
Watch where you are going Miss. Kate!
This little face is priceless ... Ava loved riding the jeep into the frozen snow banks, she gave everyone a good laugh.
So much fun together!
Jen and I took all the kids my Sammy and her 3, Ava, Katie and Ryan to the Science Museum on Presidents Day! Once we got there we decided we were totally insane to make the trip on a holiday. The place was a MAD HOUSE. The kids had fun though.
Teeter Totter!
On a mission to MARS.
The kids climbing where they shouldn't be. Jen attempts to get all the kids down. I was pretty useless, so I just took pictures.
For good ole Valentines Day I bought the boys and myself tickets to see Toy Story on Ice. We had a fun day together. Dan and I realized how cheap we are when we got to the show. I thought enough to bring a backpack of snacks and Sam's Buzz and Woody dolls he got from Dahma for Christmas - All I can say is LIFESAVER. It is silly how much things cost at these events. Sam didn't know any different, not yet at least.
We didn't pack snacks for Daddy, so he stuffs down pizza before the show.
Waiting for the show.
He couldn't wait to see Buzz and Woody.

It was a fun day. Sam did great up until intermission and then it was touch and go after that. It was also nap time. Once we got him to the car and out of the garage he slept the whole way home. Happy Valentines Day Boys!