Family 2013

Family 2013

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Karen Foye Photography - Fall Photo Session

A morning, a very cold morning in November at Norris Reservation for a Family photo session. Christmas Card 2011 here we come!

As you can imagine, it was a challenge to get out of the house on time on a Saturday morning. When we pulled into the parking lot, the tensions were already high. We asked Sam to get on his shoes - did I mention that today was the day that Sam decided that his boots hurt his feet. Long story short, nobody put Sam's shoes into the car. Dan and Sam shot back home to get his shoes. So Sissie and I took to the LONG BUMPY hike through the Reservation, I only fell one time and said about 20 BAD words. But I made it to the destination with sweat dripping down my forehead, and tears of anger coming down my eyes!!! We all made it! The pictures don't show the aggravation, thank goodness.

This was not planned, believe it or not Dan was trying to show Sam how to pose.

Thanks again to Karen Foye for another great photo session. She works her magic.

3rd Annual Taco Soup Night

Another successful Taco Soup night this year. The weather has been ridiculously wonderful and mild. The Risky Business Band (formally Political Extinction) had to cancel at the last minute which was a bummer. But we still had fun!

Kids table - mac and cheese and chicken fries.

Bonfire time!

The Patten Family. The twins are a year old already.

Michelle and Ali having a good time.

Staying warm by the fire.


Jackson enjoying a smores!

Kiera gets a bite to eat.

After the neighbors left we came inside for some hot chocolate. Sam and I took turns taking pictures of each other.

Dad cleans up the mess as he flexes his muscles.

Monday, November 28, 2011

So much to be thankful for ...

We have been blessed with AWESOME weather. Thanksgiving Day was wonderful, we had quite the crowd too. There was 13 of us around the table this year. Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Jen, Asher, Bodhi, Sara (nanny), and Bob and Bert all came to Hanover for a wonderful day of blessings. The boys spent a good part of the day outside playing.

Too cool Asher.

My sweet Sammy.

She is such a hoot. I LOVE this little vest, she was such a girly girl for Thanksgiving and as pretty as a picture. She was loving having her picture taken.

Bohdi's not sure if he want to share his Daddy?

Big brother helping out.

Check out those two little teeth.

Cutting down trees.

Lots of heavy lifting.

The future rock star.

Making forts ...

Say cheese!

Cruising around the yard!

Bohdi is along for the ride.

Catching up with Uncle Jeff. Getting a few snuggles in.

How many little boys can fit into the cabinet?

We have so much to be thankful for ... good health, beautiful family and friends, food and shelter.