Family 2013

Family 2013

Friday, January 21, 2011

Childrens's Museum is a Winter Lifesaver

There are many weekends in the winter that I am happy we have a membership to the Children's Museum in Boston. We made it there a couple times in the last month.

Sam helped pack lunches. Luke thinks he should be able to go to. Sorry buddy, no Dogs allowed.

This is the first visit that Sam discovered the jackhammer. He loved it.

Driving the Bob Cat!

He loves to shoot hoops, it is usually the first place we stop when we get there.

Bouncy seat .... how high can you shoot the ball up to the top when you sit down. Notice mommy is not sharing in on this activity.

Sand table - another favorite.

Cool dudes!

Later that month we met Jen, Jeff, Asher and Bohdi at the Museum.

Our first time at the water table, I always try to avoid this area. It can be scary. The boys had fun.

Co-pilot Cousins. Taking turns.

Little climber.

Uncle Dan and Baby Bohdi.

Quite the rock band!

We went back to Jamaica Plain to celebrate a very special birthday with Aunt Jen. Happy Birthday Aunt Jen!

Las Vegas

My Christmas gift to Dan this year was a trip to Las Vegas! It is the first time Dan and I have left Sam overnight. We tried to do it last year around the same time, but we didn't think about it until it was too late (well too late to get good deals, and we survive on good deals these days - who am I kidding - ALWAYS.) Anyway, I started planning months before Christmas and surprised Dan on Christmas morning with a treasure hunt that lead him to a get away with me to Vegas. So we flew with Sam into Arizona a day earlier than expected with Sam (due to a bad storm in Boston), we had a day and 1/2 in Phoenix with Sam and my parents and then took an early flight to Vegas on Thursday and stayed until Saturday.
Dahma and Pap had the days filled with activities to do with Sam ... so see what happens when mom and dad are away for a few days.
They all went to the Phoenix Zoo. Sam and Dahma get lessons on how to feed the giraffes.
Look at that tongue.
Sam gives it a shot.

Bonding with the monkeys. Sam gets up close.
Sam doesn't look to sure of the petting zoo.
Warming up ...
Brushing the goats.
Milking fake cows ...
Riding the tractor ....
It's all in a days work, time for a rest.
Crazy time when they get home. Being silly is his favorite thing to do. Especially when he has a captive audience.
The next day, they all head down to the park to do some fishing.
Nothing was biting. They still had a nice time.

Get home to help water the plants.
Later that night, they had some friends over for smores and a bonfire in the backyard.
Sam has recently become more intrigued by people and no matter where we are he wants to know who people are. He met 2 new friends that night and told us all about them when we got back.
Bathime! Dahma let's Sam take 30 - 45 minute baths, she always has the coolest stuff to play with in the tub. That night he was making goat-tees like the goats at the zoo.
So here is the disclaimer ... I was 28 weeks pregnant and feeling like I'd been pregnant for 10 years. I just developed a rash on my arms, legs and belly and was fairly uncomfortable. Did I mention I still have 12 weeks left of this. I was a good sport, a good sport that was thoroughly exhausted at the end of the day.
We stayed at Monte Carlo! Great location on the strip.
We went to 2 shows while we were there Ka! (Cirque De Soleil) and to a hypnotist show the next night.
Chocolate Fountain - you can see where my head was.

Cleaned up and ready for dinner and a show. At this point we had been in Vegas for 12 hours and hadn't yet gambled 1 penny.
The next day Dan woke up feeling really sick. So we laid around until noon. No complaints here. He felt pretty crappy that day, but did his best to get out and have a good time. We made it! Not ideal, but we made it.

Fake it till you make it!
We both had smiles on our faces, but this is how we really felt.
Jamba Juice loaded with all kinds of good vitamins - I think?
That night we put about $10 into the quarter slots and I hit it big with $40. Yes we took our winnings and left.
I wish I could say that "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" not true in this case, my rash got worse every day we got back to Arizona and Dan was laid up with a cold for the next two days. However, it was nice to get away for a few days and reconnect with Dan without a little guy saying "TOOOZME". Pretty soon we will have 2 little ones that will need our attention.