Family 2013

Family 2013

Thursday, May 28, 2009

memorial day weekend

Memorial Day weekend was a lot of fun, the weather was a little iffy during the weekend, but Monday was absolutely beautiful - a great day for a pancake breakfast, hometown parade and a cul-de-sac BBQ. Sam is definitely walking now, all by himself. For the last couple of months he has been taking a few steps here and there - but now it is official - he is off and walking ... everywhere. Dan and I are so excited to have this added element of fun in our lives. One day very soon, I may not be able to catch him.
After dinner fun with Mom.

Overcast Saturday - invited some friends over to have a dip in the pool. Sam wasn't a big fan ... he was a little cranky pants about getting into the pool.
Rise and shine Maplewood Drive cul-de-sac ... we were all up early on Memorial Day for the Boy Scouts Pancake breakfast. After breakfast we stepped outside for the Memorial Day parade. Later that day we all got together for a BBQ in the middle of the cul-de-dac. We really do live in Hometown America. WE LOVE IT. I am waiting to get pictures from the breakfast, I will post them in a later post.

All (most) the kids of Maplewood Drive sit on the curb waiting for the parade to begin.
Left to Right: Jackson (2), Sam, Karen (12), Robbie (1), Abe (2), Cade (9), Zack (4), Derek (9), Misha (4), Colin (6) ... Lots of friends.
Sam loved hanging out with the big kids.

What a little flirt - Sam loves Karen, she is such a sweetie with him. Karen has been helping out with Sam on the weekends, she is mothers helper now - future babysitter.

Photo Shoot in the backyard - Sam the Ham.

Eating Sand

Trying some watermelon - what are you up to?


Sam was having too much fun that he wouldn't go down for a nap. Quick cruise around the neighborhood knocks him out every time. Doesn't look to comfortable.

BBQ in the cul-de-sac!!!

Boys and Balls.
Robbie, Abe and Sam

Pimping in the wagon.
Abe and Sam
Sam had ice cream for dinner. He did a good job feeding himself.

Evans Run - May 16th

Evan's Run is a 5k/10k in Norwell, MA (town next to ours). It is a charity run for Autism. Well Dan and our neighbor Danny (14 years old) made a friendly bet that whomever had the better time in the 5k would get their lawn mowed. Well needless to say - Dan will be mowing Danny's lawn this weekend. Our other neighbor Jay made the same bet with Danny last year and was mowing Danny's lawn the following weekend - when will the ADULTS learn. It was all in good fun. Danny came in 23, Dan came in 55, and Jay came in 108 out of almost 500 runners - not too bad. By the way, it was pouring ran too. Fun times.

On your mark, get set, GO!!!
Dan and Danny
Dan, Danny #1, and Jay
The boys - Sam and Robbie - hanging in the food tent, getting all the free samples.

Wednesdays are wonderful

Wednesdays are my day with Sam. I work from home every other Wednesday and then have the day off on the other Wednesday - hope that makes sense. Anyway, the weather has been so nice lately, so we spend a part of our day on the back porch playing in the sandbox or in the water table. These are the days where Sam is in 2 or 3 outfits a day and it has nothing to do with poop or drool - just a boy being a boy - wet and sandy. Here are some photos of one of the last Wednesdays. Be sure to check out the cute video clip at the end of this post. Notice the sock in the background - he is still carrying them around with him.
Waving to the cute little boy in the reflection.

Is this boy sweet or what?

I knew you before you born.

Hanging out at Maddy and Caroline's house before they move to Wisconsin. Funny that one of the other girls Anna (daughterEliza) are in the same area Maddy and her family are moving to - they will be reunited.
Sam had just woke up from a nap (in the car) and had a hard time warming up to the others, so they came to us. We had such a nice visit. From the right Casey, Caroline, Martin and us.
Earlier that week we (Maddy, Caroline, Courtney, Casey, Sam and I) went to the Children's Museum in Boston. They had a playroom for all the little ones.
Happy Kids. Tired at this point from all the fun they just had inside.
Sam found a train table and loved it. This was the first time I actually saw him take a toy train from another kid. Every time I tried to intervine for the other kids sake, Sam would take it away again. We eventually moved on to another activity. I guess we are going to have to start talking about sharing.
Casey and Sam
Checking out the stairs.
During that same week, Maddy had a going away BBQ at her house in Quincy, where we saw more of friends.
Sam and Sawyer
Sam and Caroline
Moms and Babies - from right Grace & Sawyer, Maddy & Caroline, Courtney & Casey, Sam & I. Some of the girls from Swim Class.


The boys (Dan and Sam) both got bikes for their birthdays, well I guess you can't really call Sam's a bike, it's a trailer that hooks on to a bike - none the less. We took our first bike ride in early May. We rode around our neighborhood.
Mom's Little Ripper
Watching Dad get the bikes ready for the BIG RIDE.
All set, drink in hand.
After the cruise around the neighbor hood, we rode around the cul-de-sac with our friend Zack. He loves playing with Sam. Zack is filling up the trailer with gas, so we can cruise around a little while longer.


So as you can see we have a ton of trees in our yard and surrounding area. Well, there were a few that posed a threat to the house, so we had them removed. We had Chris Glynn Tree come out and remove them. If you have never seen trees being removed, I highly recommend it, it is one of the coolest things I have ever seen (I am the girl who is mesmerized by all the heavy machinery at a construction site). Last summer our neighbors had some trees removed and we spent the entire day in the cul-de-sac watching, it is quite the site.
Our house AFTER the trees were removed.
Crane it the driveway.
The guy in the tree attaching the rope thingy for the crane.

Bye Bye Trees!

Clean up.

AFTER - view from the driveway.
View BEFORE the trees were removed.
BEFORE - View from the driveway.
I think we had a total of 9 trees removed, we did end up with a lot of firewood for next winter and a ton of wood chips.