Family 2013

Family 2013

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is such a fun event in Hanover! For the last couple of years we have gone to the Pancake Breakfast - Yummy! And then we enjoy the parade with all of the cul-de-sac crew!

Sam and Robbie.
Waiting for the action!

Cathy shows the boys the Memorial and prepares them for the gunshot.

This year the parade was so short, it seemed like it was over in 5 minutes.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Having FUN as the weather gets warmer!

What a character! Sam is really into dressing up. As you can see from earlier posts, he loves to play dress up with his Dahma.

Sam got a life vest and a matching pair of goggles for his birthday from his friend Robbie - of course Sam had to model it for us.
What a RIOT!

The boys took me to Chipolte for a Mother's Day lunch ... we still have pack Sam a separate lunch.

My sweet little girl looks like a linebacker in some of her clothes. She has a skinny little bum.

Peek a boo!
I just love how alert she is.

Sleeping baby ... I guess all babies make this adorable little face when they sleep. I thought Sam was the only one, until our sweet little Ali came along. I love it.

Say cheese.

The Hard Hat boys. Again with the dress up. This kid cracks me up. I love it when he wants his Dad and I to get involved too.

One of the first baths ...

She LOVES to take a bath.

Modeling a little outfit she will only get to wear once.

Sam hangs with his sissie while she plays on the floor.

After our photo shoot at the house I took Sam to the arcade as a treat. He loves the motorcycle, he will tell you that he can't have one until he is 16 though. Poor kid is going to wish is life away, there isn't a whole lot a 3 year old can do - at least the things he wants to do ... have a real (not a a tend (pretend) chainsaw and weed whacker. He wants to be BIG so bad. In fact, he gets upset with me when I tell him he is not alot to get bigger.

I looked in the living room one morning when Sam was watching Bubble Guppies and this is what I saw. Rockstar in the making ... he is a ONE MAN BAND.

What a cool dude ... hanging at the Newcomers Block Party.

Brendan and Sam make pretend lunch.

First time for face painting - not sure about it at first.

Ice cream truck stops by the Block Party.

Sam picked Dora, even before his girlfriends did.

Jump! It was hard to get him out of the Jumpy ... even though it took him the whole party to get into it.

What are you thinking Sam? Running down the slide, just about gave me a heart attack.

Daddy ran his first 10k - Evans Run.

We all waited at the finish line for him.

There he goes, I think he finished at 55:09. I am so proud of him.

Lisa finishes right behind him.

Way to go!

The Jones girls came over for the afternoon ... we painted rocks, played in the water table, rode bikes/scooters, played hoops ... you name it.

I love this little dress on Ali. Why do you look so worried Sis?

It makes me happy when I think that I can chew on those chubby thighs whenever I want to.

This girl has no BUM.

Again with the dress up - this is a different day. I think he was watching the same show though. That is another thing that has changed in our house since Ali ... Sam watches more TV than he ever did. It's funny how standards change as kids get older and more come along. The TV has been my savior the last couple of weeks. I try not to feel too guilty about it.

Not sure whats up with the one sock?

We are having fun every chance we get. Sam is home with Ali and I on Wednesday and Fridays and he still goes to school to hang with his friends 3 days a week. It gives us both a break.

cleaning out my cell phone

Yes, I am a member of the "mamaratzi" I am not as bad as I used to be. CAMERA: Don't leave home with out it. I guess I am afraid I am going to miss something cute (heaven forbid). Believe it or not there are times that I forget to take my camera with me ... for a minute I panic and then I remember that I have a camera on my phone and quite frankly it takes a more clear picture than my real camera. I just downloaded the pictures off my phone, there were 315 from the last year, here are a few of them in no particular order.

Talk about in your FACE. Getting ready for a yawn with a big stretch

I feel like I need to take a picture every day I put her in a new outfit ... 1. She is just so darn cute and 2. She is growing so fast that it may be the only time she wears it.

It is so fun to dress up this little girl, I feel like I have to capture all the cute little dress she wears.

I can't believe I took a picture in the bathroom - Ali and I go to a Lactation Clinic at South Shore Hospital and I sent an update to my mom and dad - she weighed 10.4 in this picture. She is growing like a weed.

Special treat after the Arcade ... Sam was such a good boy during photo shoot. And no, I did not have to bribe him this time.

Priceless. Sam wonders "if I take the plug out what happens"

Dunkin Donuts treat after we took 3 year portraits at Sears. Yes, this was a bribe.

Funny thing. 4 chocolate munchkins used to be enough to make this kid giddy - that was until Pap and Dahma came into town, they bought munchkins by the dozen for him. So now we have compromised - he gets 6. He goes right up to the counter (or drive thru) with his money and places the order.

What a fun afternoon. Sam and I were able to sneak in some Mommy/Sam time while Ali took a nap. We painted rocks and made a mess. We had fun. I can remember when I was a little girl my friend Crystal Slater and I would find rocks and paint them with nail polish, looking back I wonder what my mom thought about that. Who knows maybe I was not messy.

New hair bow - not too excited about it.

Look at that little afro ... will this little girl have curly hair?

Ali hanging in the hospital with mommy. Chubby Cheeks.

Sam and Mommy the morning I left to be induced with Alison.

Remember the post about the Easter Bunny and the Mall? This is a picture I took when Sam was terrified of the Bunny - Is that mean?

Sam and Dahma hanging out in the S&D clubhouse (Sam and Dahma Clubhouse that is).

What can I say this kid loves his ice cream. I think this was the day that Sam wanted to eat the come before he finished the ice cream. He learned quick that the ice cream does have to be eaten first. He hates having sticky hands.

Picnic lunch with Mommy at Taco Bell.


Riding the swings at Cortez Park. We are still trying to teach him how to pump his legs so he can swing on his own.

Look at how little he was here, this was only taken a year ago and he has changed so much. He loves to feed the ducks at the park when we visit Pap and Dahma in AZ.

Future underwear model.

He loved picnics on the back porch. Look at the blond hair, I wonder if he will ever be blond again?

Test driving before the big "JEEP" purchase.

I don't think I captured any photos of the early potty days on the "real" camera. How sweet is this little boy, when he was done pooping he would hold he 2 little fat fingers up and say "2 chocolate candies mommy" while he was shaking his head (as if he had to convince me). I love this little fat head.

Speaking of fat heads, check this out. Sam takes a nap at Grandma and Grandpas in the middle of the summer heat. Boy it was HOT and HUMID, in case you couldn't tell. Sam is sweaty boy.

Horse shows at Briggs Stable right down the road. Last summer they had horse shows every Wednesday night, so you can take a guess where we were?

Duxbury Beach last summer.

I just figured out how to do video on my phone too. Technology is CRAZY and changing so fast.