Family 2013

Family 2013

Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer Fun Catch Up - Too busy having FUN.

I am not sure how I forgot about these pictures and the wonderful adventures we had. These span from early to mid summer.

I have been taking Sam to Weir River Farm since he was a baby, and never realized Dan hadn't been there, so we took him one Saturday. Sam loves the oreo cookie cows, at one point the caretakers told us the "real" name and it escapes me now.

Attempted self portrait of the three of us - Sis was asleep in her buggy.

We visited the little piggy's ... Sam counted and found all 8 of them.

There she is - bright eyes and bushy tailed.

Too excited for words ... Sam was happy that Daddy finally made it to Weir River Farm

We spent a few weekends on the Cape this summer. Jinny's best friend from childhood was in town with her husband, so we stayed the weekend to visit with Katie and Dell.

I guess I am little obsessed with my kids because I didn't get any pictures with Katie and Dell. It was a nice weekend and Grandma and Grandpas house.

These two are going to have their sister/brother moments but for the most part I think they will be best buds. Ali lights up when she hears her brothers voice.

He is very gentle with her.

I love that she didn't take her eyes off of me. I guess she wanted to make sure I knew that he had her.

What baby dolls!

When mid June rolls around we know that Hanover Days will be in town. What a fun little community event to look forward to each year.

Bouncy house fun ... it takes him a while to warm up to it, then we have to drag him out of it.

Checking out all the antiques with Daddy.

Hanover Day comes to an end with a push on the swings.

One of Sam's best buddies Brendan had his 3rd birthday this summer.

Sam goes fishing and wins the game. He gave the prize he won to the birthday boy. I know this makes him sound like a sweet boy and believe me he is. But he didn't like the prize and started to pout - I gently told him it would be a nice gesture to give the prize to the birthday boy and then we had nice talk on the way home.

Lauren comes over for a dip in the new pool.

We finally bit the bullet and got the pool finished. Boy did we get our moneys worth this summer. We have enjoyed having it.

I was technically the first person to get into the pool ... there is a funny video I will try to post.

Sis enjoyed the Sunshine too.

After I jumped into the pool for the first time ... Luke jumped in after me, I think he thought I needed help. Long story short ... we just spent a good amount of money on a new pool which included a new liner, I tried to get him out without ripping a huge hole in the liner and these are the battle scares.

Sam take a self portrait.

Ali enjoys a dip in the pool.

Sam gets brave, he can go all around the pool holding on to the side.

You will notice Sams swim trunks on the deck. He had to go to the bathroom and he waited until the last minute because he was having too much fun in the pool. Needless to say we did not get the trunks back on him. This is a kid we will NEVER have to worry about peeing in the pool.

Check out that little tushy ... Dan and I cracked up.

Playing with Grandpa on the Cape.

Looking for sharks at Crystal Lake Sis enjoys a little bit of splashing.

Earlier this summer we hosted playgroup at our house and had Ms. Michelle bring over her musical toys. We have done it before and it was huge sucess. The kids love it.

Lisa and her 3 little cuties have a good time.

Sam gets a turn to play the guitar.

Ms. Michelle plays a song for Ali

The boys play the ocean drums ... too cool